How Much THC-O Should I Take?

how much THC-O should I take

Did you know that almost half of all Americans have tried smoking marijuana at least once in their lives?

While there are plenty of ways to consume THC, not as many people know that THC-O is yet another option for people who are looking for a quality high. If you’re adventurous and want something with a significant potency, then it’s worth looking into products that contain this compound instead of regular THC.

Are you asking yourself, “How much THC-O should I take?” Please keep reading to learn all about it and more with this in-depth guide.

What Is THC-O and Its History?

For those who don’t know, THC-O is a relatively new compound that has taken the market by storm. One reason why it’s so popular is that it’s much more potent than regular THC. While it depends on where you get your THC-O from, it tends to be as much as three times stronger than your usual THC.

As if that wasn’t great enough on its own, THC-O is synthetic and so isn’t restricted by various laws like THC products are. While THC-O is more common and accessible, it did exist in some form as far back as the middle of the 20th century. Rather than being available to consumers, the United States military used the compound in various experiments.

Later on, a version of THC-O popped up in the 70s, but its popularity didn’t take hold, and so it didn’t attract significant attention from the DEA. Fast forward to today, and its popularity is getting higher and higher.

How Is THC-O Created?

Since it’s a synthetic compound, it’s not something you can extract at home by yourself.

Instead, it’s necessary for professionals in a lab to make it using a careful process. It involves adding acetic anhydride to THC molecules. One reason why a lab is so necessary involves acetic anhydride’s high flammability.

After a raw hemp extraction and several other extraction types, the professionals get the precious delta-8 THC out of the plant’s CBD. It’s at this point that the acetic anhydride gets added to the mix. A successful batch of THC-O appears brown and thick, almost like a dark version of syrup.

Aside from the flammability of that acetic anhydride chemical compound, the process involves plenty of specialized equipment and sensitive steps. This is why it’s important to get your THC-O products from a reputable provider rather than risk your health and safety by trying to make them at home. At best, you’ll end up losing your eyebrows, but at worse, you could lose your life.

how much THC-O should I take

What Are the Effects of THC-O?

Before buying THC-O products, it’s worth learning about what you can expect from the effects. As mentioned, THC-O is often three times as potent as regular THC. One reason for its potency is due to the body’s absorption ability.

THC-O’s high bioavailability means that the THC-O acetate will get absorbed at a much higher level. This has led users to refer to the synthetic compound as a “spiritual cannabinoid.” While there needs to be more research into the specific effects, some people have likened their regular THC-O intake to a modest dose of LSD.

The exact reason a handful of people compare it to that psychedelic drug is because of the feeling of euphoria and a marked heightening in their sensory experiences. For instance, you may feel, smell, or see things at a level that’s more acute and detailed than you’re used to.

What Products Contain THC-O?

You’ll be glad to know that you have options to choose from when taking THC-O. Depending on your mood and specific preferences, you can take THC-O in the form of gummies, disposable vapes, tinctures, and more. If you can put THC in it, chances are you can put THC-O in it as well.

That way, you can stick to your favorite consumption method but make the change to THC-O instead of plain THC. Since THC-O is so potent, it’s often diluted to some degree by combining it with natural cannabis strains.

It’s worth emphasizing that the THC-O content can vary from product to product and brand to brand. You should always pay attention to the level of concentration before taking anything. By being safe about your dosages, you can ensure that you always have a wonderful high.

Even if you’ve preferred THC gummies up to now, for instance, it’s worth branching out and trying THC-O in different forms before deciding what your preference is.

How Many THC-O Gummies Should I Take?

Finding the proper THC-O dosage is important because of its high potency. No one likes a bad trip, so it’s best to start out with the smallest doses possible. If you’re eating gummies, then you should split one of them in half.

Either way, you shouldn’t take more than one gummy on your first test. It often doesn’t take long for people to start feeling the effects of THC-O, but some consumers can react differently than others. In general, it shouldn’t take any more than about half an hour for you to feel the effects.

To be safe, it’s worth waiting the following day to try more, assuming the high wasn’t as powerful as you were hoping for. If you need fuller effects, then you should try no more than two gummies on your second try.

Be sure to pay attention to the THC-O levels in the product as well. This can make a huge difference depending on how much of the compound is in a given gummy.

One way you can be as safe as possible is by consulting with your healthcare professional before so much as taking a single gummy. Since they’re more familiar with your specific health situation, they can give you an accurate suggestion regarding how much you should take.

How Many THC-O Disposable Pulls Should I Take?

Are you more interested in consuming your THC-O through a disposable vape rather than one or more gummies? If so, then you should also pace yourself as a way of determining how your body reacts. Depending on what your healthcare professional says, you may want to limit yourself to no more than a few pulls from the disposable vape.

For some people, THC-O vape juice takes a bit longer to activate in the body than gummies. With this in mind, it could take about an hour or so before you start feeling any of the effects.

So that it’s not as powerful, some brands mix their THC-O with other regular strains of cannabis, such as Sativa or Indica. With these products, it’s possible to take more pulls before you feel the effects you’re looking for. The benefit of this is that you can enjoy a long smoke session instead of taking one or two pulls and putting the device away.

how much THC-O should I take

What Dose of Tincture Should I Take?

Once you find out your ideal dose of gummies and disposable vapes, there’s also the matter of tinctures to consider. While it can vary, tinctures tend to be more potent than other THC-O products. That’s why it’s worth being even more careful with your dosages.

For starters, you should drop beneath your tongue the lowest possible dose on the pipette. If that seems like too much, then you can try going lower and avoid taking more than a few drops.

As an extra precaution, you could even do a patch test on your skin before putting any of the tinctures under your tongue. This is a good of way determining if the THC-O agrees with your body in the first place. If the patch test produces an irritation, such as a rash, then you shouldn’t take the tincture at all.

In that case, it’s better to stick with disposable vapes or gummies. A medical professional can guide you on what to do.

Where Can I Get High-Quality THC-O?

Aside from the specific dose, safe THC-O consumption also involves getting your products from a vendor you can trust. The last thing you’d want is to take one or more products that have toxic additives in them. One way you can home in on a reliable vendor is by seeing what previous customers have said online.

Other than reading online reviews, you can also take a closer look at the products listed in a given vendor’s shop. Carrying popular brands is always a good sign. Looking at the potencies and list of ingredients can go a long way toward identifying a vendor you can count on.

If you can’t find this type of information, then that’s a red flag you should take note of. It’s better to take your business elsewhere instead of risking getting a subpar and possibly dangerous product.

When in doubt, you could always ask one of your friends or family members for recommendations. If they like cannabis products, chances are they know at least one quality vendor you can buy from. They may even mention Lit, one of the most popular supplies of cannabis products on the internet.

It also shouldn’t be too difficult to find an FAQ section on a vendor’s website. This can let you know more about what they offer, how they ship, their return policy, and other essential information. If you can’t find a particular question and answer that you’re looking for, it’s worth reaching out to the vendor.

Hearing back from a business within a few days or sooner is a mark of excellent customer service.

Litz THC-O Disposables

One good reason to shop at Litz is to try the brand’s awesome THC-O disposable vape pens. The disposables come in, not one, not two, but five different flavors for you to choose from. These include blue nerds, cherry pie,  grape ape, peach ringz, and rainbow beltz.

Since these flavors are so delicious and taste like candy that melts in your mouth, it’s worth trying all of them at least once before deciding on your absolute favorites. Keep in mind that some of them feature a combination of THC-O and the Indica cannabis strain. Instead of Indicia, others use a hybrid strain that mixes Indica with Sativa.

The Indica strains are best if you’re looking for a high that encompasses your entire body. A hybrid strain can give you more of a head high, but it can also spread out to the rest of your body, depending on how you react to it. As you can see on the back of the package, Litz THC-O disposables contain live resin, terpenes, and tetrahydrocannabinol, of course.

Each disposable comes with two grams (or 2,000 milligrams) of vape juice. While it depends on the depth of your pulls, you can get as many as 600 pulls from a single Litz THC-O disposable.

For proper use, be sure to hook up the disposable to your battery. Once it’s charged up, feel free to use it to your heart’s content.

Once you stock up on them so that you don’t run out, be sure to store them in a place that’s both dry and cool. It’s also a good rule of thumb to keep them out of direct sunlight. This will ensure that they remain potent instead of reducing in quality by the time you get a chance to enjoy them.

How Much THC-O Should I Take?

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