How is THC-O Made?

how is THC-O made

THC-O is a very popular chemical that some places describe as 300% as effective as other THC products. Despite this, many people still have queries about how best to use it. They want to answer questions like “How is THC-O made and what even is it in the first place?”

Below, we try to answer some of these by running through details on this cannabinoid in as much detail as possible. By doing this, we will answer any questions you have and get you on the road to using this new concentrate.

What is THC-O?

As a synthetic cannabinoid, THC-O is an artificial compound created in a laboratory environment. Its invention was an attempt to recreate the effects of natural chemicals such as cannabinoids one can find in the cannabis plant.

For those who do not know, the human body has many different receptors that react to specific chemicals found in cannabis plants. These are part of what people call the “endocannabinoid system”, which helps regulate some processes within the body.

Cannabinoids are chemicals that bind with the endocannabinoid receptors to activate these processes. This then leads to changes in the person’s experiences, including affecting their mood or appetite.

There are dozens of cannabinoids one can find in the cannabis plant, and THC is only one of them. Still, it is the most well-known due to its psychoactive nature. People use it to create a sense of euphoria or relaxation.

THC-O is one type of cannabinoid, though instead of the source being a cannabis plant, one creates it through a chemical reaction with natural THC. This reaction changes its structure, giving it a different effect from regular THC, one often described as being much more potent.

Why Is THC-O so Popular?

While THC-O has been on the market for a shorter period than other forms of THC, it has shot up in popularity. This has happened for many different reasons. These include its strength and its novel value as an artificial chemical.

THC-O is often described as being much more effective at causing an altered state of mind than traditional THC. This even includes when compared with specific concentrates, such as Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC.

Because of this strong nature, those who have built up a tolerance to other forms of THC over time will often seek out THC-O products. They do this to see if that gives them the kick they used to experience. This is not recommended, as it can lead to an addiction to the feeling one gets from taking the drug.

People search out this high for several reasons. This could be because they are looking for escapism, or because they have medical issues regular THC has not been able to combat.

THC-O has not received enough research for anyone to guarantee its effectiveness. Still, some people have reported positive experiences using it to manage anxiety and pain.

Others will want to try THC-O for the simple fact it is a newer chemical on the market. Many people like to try something when it first appears to see how well they get on with it. Because THC-O is so strong, it has gained a fast reputation, and so, many people want to see what this unique chemical offers.

how is THC-O made

How Is THC-O Made?

THC-O is also known as THC-O-acetate. This name comes from the method by which people create it, which has the name “acetylation”.

Acetylation is the process of adding an “acetyl” to the chemical structure of the original THC. The “O” in THC-O’s name comes from the oxygen atoms in the acetyl group used in the process.

The creation of THC-O demands many different chemical reactions. The first one involves turning THC into another chemical known as “THC acetate”.

One completes this process by combining:

  • The THC
  • An organic solvent such as benzene
  • Acetic anhydride
  • A catalyst such as sulfuric acid

If this mixture is heated and mixed, it will start to react, creating THC acetate.

One then washes this mixture with water to remove all remaining pure THC or other impurities. The reacted chemicals are then dried and dissolved in yet another solvent. Usually, one might use ethanol for this purpose.

One then takes this solution and purifies it using one of many different methods, such as distillation. Over several distillations, one ends up with a THC-O concentrate they can sell or use.

THC-O Creation Safety Warning

The process by which people create THC-O is not for the faint of heart. Many steps could cause harm to come to the person undergoing them.

When adding acetic anhydride to the solution, for example, one must be very careful. This chemical is both corrosive as well as very reactive and could cause burns to anyone not handling it with care and proper equipment.

At the same time, acetic anhydride use often creates byproducts with horrible effects on the human body such as:

Acetic acid. This is corrosive and causes great harm if ingested, or even if the skin touches the chemical.

Carbon monoxide. This chemical binds to red blood cells when inhaled and can cause a loss of oxygen to the body’s organs. This can even occur when inhaling a small amount, especially over a long period, due to its smell being indetectable.

Nitrogen oxide. These can harm the respiratory tract. They can also increase the severity of existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Should you choose to involve yourself in the creation of THC-O, make sure you have the appropriate training and safety equipment. Also, only attempt this in a controlled laboratory environment to keep yourself safe.

If you plan to buy THC-O products, only do so when you can have the assurance the people you are buying from have safely created them. You do not want them to leave any of the chemicals involved in THC-O’s creation in the concentrate. This way, you can avoid coming into contact with chemical compounds that could endanger your health.

The Effects of THC-O

As with most cannabinoids, different people may find they experience different effects from THC-0. Still, with those you do experience, reports suggest they are going to be much stronger than with other forms of THC.

This means you will get both stronger highs and more active side effects. As such, if you have concerns about how it will feel to take, go slow and have people around you when you take THC-O.

Most THC-O users have reported experiencing at least one, if not several, of the following:

  • A strong buzz or energy
  • Complete body high
  • Consciousness expansion or introspection
  • Feelings of joy
  • Relaxing sensations or moods
  • Sensory psychedelic effects

There is not much research available on the effects of THC-O yet. Still, many people have described it as offering them positive effects that help them with medical issues. Examples of how people use it include:

how is THC-O made


THC-O can act as a nausea suppressant. This is useful should people undergo medical treatments that cause feelings of sickness. One of the primary examples of this is in the case of cancer treatments.

Pain Relief

There are different descriptions of how THC-O offers pain relief. Some suggest they still feel the pain but can ignore it, while others describe a reduction in the pain itself. If you suffer from chronic issues related to pain, it could help reduce that while you get on with the rest of your life.

PTSD or Other Mental Health Conditions

THC-O is often used by people who want to feel more relaxed. It can slow the heart rate, and stop feelings of anxiety as they start to crop up. For this reason, many people use it in the relief of issues related to panic attacks, such as PTSD.

Despite this, you should be aware THC-O comes with its own side effects, some of which might include paranoia. This could lead to further anxiety, so be aware of this and reduce your intake if you feel this effect.

Multiple Sclerosis

The tightening of muscles from MS can be debilitating. There is evidence that suggests THC-O could have a hand in relaxing these muscles, allowing a sufferer to engage with the rest of their life easier.

Consuming THC-O Safely

While consuming THC-O might be exciting, its strong nature can lead to it being quite dangerous to involve oneself with. As such, we have a few suggestions for how to make sure you take it safely:

Talk To a Doctor

We understand the main person who can tell you if you are having a good time is yourself. Still, talking to a doctor about taking any new drugs, for medical reasons or otherwise, is always a good idea. They may have the ability to give you insights into how to do it safer or offer you ways to make the whole procedure more comfortable.

This is important if you are already taking medication or have pre-existing medical conditions. THC-O might interact with any medications you take, or could make existing issues worse, leading to larger problems. Talking to a doctor beforehand could key you into whether you should be aware of such issues or not.

Surround Yourself With Peers

Find a few of your close friends who can be around you while you take the drug. You can give them the freedom to look after you should you have a bad experience, and they might be able to help you come down. They can also help get you food or water if you find yourself too relaxed to do this.

If you find you get bored while taking THC-O, it would start to get uncomfortable if you are too relaxed to move. Having friends there gives you the ability to still socialize while you come down off the high.

Choose a Sensible Time

Do not take THC-O for the first time on a day when you need to go anywhere. This goes double if you have any dependents such as children or elders who you care for. You should not be under the influence when you need to look after them.

Also, avoid taking THC-O before you use any machinery. This includes something as simple as an automobile, or even household equipment such as drills, saws, or snow blowers. Try to avoid having any responsibilities at all while you take THC-O, especially for the first time while you gauge how it affects your body.

Finding the Proper THC-O Dosage

Your best bet when trying to find a good THC dosage for you is to start low. Do not go in with the same dosage you did with other THC products, or even try to calculate it. There may be many other things that affect how potent it is.

Instead, start at a very low dosage and take your time to ramp up until you feel comfortable. When increasing, do not do so until at least a half hour has passed after the first dosage. This gives it time to enter your system and for you to feel how it affects you.

The Legality of THC-O

THC-O, much like other THC varieties, is legal according to federal law. Still, many individual states may have other laws in place. You will need to investigate the law of the location you are in to find out if you can have or use it.

Lucky for you, guides exist online that you can use to find the places you can try out this chemical for yourself.

Find the Perfect THC Products For You

By reading the above, you should now be able to answer the question, “How is THC-O made?”. You can also understand why it might be good for you to try, or why you might want to get involved with THC in general. Other options do exist, such as delta-8, delta-9, or delta-10.

If you want to try out THC, we have the perfect options for you. Our store has vapes, gummies, and much more for you to pick from. So, check out our options today and find something perfect for you.