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Finding the Best Physical and Online Weed Shops

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Whether you’ve been buying weed for years or you’re just now getting started, the sources you shop from matter. Since Colorado and Washington first kicked off the wave of cannabis legalization in 2012, many other states have followed suit. Now, it’s possible to go into a physical store, browse the wares, and choose the cannabis products that fit your needs. There are also online weed shops that allow you to do the same thing, right from the comfort of your own home.

In some ways, this is great news! Your favorite items are now readily accessible, and easier to find than ever before. However, the sheer volume of shops also widens the risk of quality issues, as not all shops will stock premium, safe weed.

Today, we’re breaking down everything to look for in a physical or online store, and how to make sure the aisles you’re browsing are¬†the best around.

Start With Appearances

If you can legally purchase weed in your state, you may have noticed that there are all kinds of storefronts advertising a range of cannabis products. Naturally, some will look better than others.

While you never want to judge a book by its cover, the reality is that you can’t afford to take any chances here. Do your due diligence and make sure you’re only buying weed from a source that looks reliable and reputable. This applies to both the physical¬†and virtual realms.

Here are a few features to look for when you’re ready to start your search.

Physical Storefronts

Planning to shop for weed in person? As you look into local options, first impressions can make all the difference.

If the store appears unkept, dirty, or in any way unsanitary, consider that a red flag and continue your search elsewhere. The appearance of a store is often an indicator of the type of products sold inside and the type of service you can expect to find there.

Look all around the store before you go in, taking notice of everything from the parking lot to the threshold. Look around you: Are you in a shady location that makes you feel unsafe?

If the owners can’t take the time to keep their shop tidy and clean, what does that say about the products they sell? This isn’t a time to take a risk or gamble. Only shop at physical stores that are well-maintained, with adequate lighting and security, as well as clean exteriors and interiors.

If the location leaves much to be desired, it’s also smart to find a different spot. You’ll return to the store often to re-stock, and you don’t want to be¬†nervous every time you do so.

Virtual Storefronts

Along the same lines, it’s also important to practice scrutiny when you’re shopping at an online weed dispensary. The internet has been around long enough that most of us can spot a spammy, fake¬†website¬†from a mile away.

If the site appears poorly maintained or the advertisements make false health claims, this is a sign to click away and keep Googling. The same applies if the site looks unfinished, or if the user interface leaves much to be desired. If you make a purchase from an e-commerce shop that doesn’t have the right security protocols in place, there are two issues that could occur.

First, you could receive poor-quality weed. Not only can this lead to a disappointing high, but it could also cause significant health issues and put your well-being at risk. Second, buying from a suspicious website could also compromise your personal data, as most of those platforms lack the technology to safely encrypt your financial or contact information.

It’s even more important to double-check your sources when you shop online because it’s harder to verify the background and source of the products you’re buying. Trustworthy online storefronts will openly share¬†documents, such as test reports, to maintain transparency and gain your trust.

Prioritize Sanitation

It can be difficult to gauge how sterile and sanitized a company operates when you’re shopping online. This is why it’s so important to read through their website and make sure they’re reputable and well-reviewed before making a purchase.

However, you can check out how the team members perform when you step inside a brick-and-mortar dispensary. If a storefront passes your test and appears to look professional from the outside, go ahead and take a look around inside.

Are staff members using sterilized gloves any time they handle their products? Is the interior clean, bright, and easy to navigate? Are there associates walking the floor, ready to help shoppers find what they need?

You shouldn’t feel like you’re stepping into the dark underworld when you shop for weed.¬†The experience should be pleasant and professional, and the store should prioritize the customer experience.

Why is this so important?

Put simply, your health and safety matter. This is the case whether you’re planning to use marijuana recreationally or medicinally. While many people choose weed to help alleviate symptoms of health issues (such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, or depression), others simply use it to have a good time and enjoy a high.

In either case, you want to make sure the products you’re using are top-tier and safe. If the shop doesn’t follow strict sanitation guidelines and put the customer first,¬†you’re taking a gamble by shopping there, and that’s a risk you don’t need to take.

Ask Around

Research shows that 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members. If you’re looking for the best cannabis dispensary around, start by asking the people you know.

This might mean having an in-person conversation with a friend, family member, or trusted colleague. Ask them where they’ve bought weed in the past, and if they would recommend that shop again. Why or why not?

If you’re still coming up short, pose the question on social media and ask your online followers.¬†You can also find local options by searching Google for a simple, location-specific search term such as “marijuana¬†dispensary near me”. This will show you the Google Business profile of the closest storefronts in your community, which¬†includes reviews, contact information, shop summaries, and more.

Make a list of the names that keep popping up, and then hop online to check them out. Read through reviews and testimonials to learn what others have to say about each shop. Your search may also return online options, so click through those, too.

Once you have a few viable stores, dig into their websites. Make sure they’re user-friendly, easy to navigate, and transparent about their practices. Then, make plans to visit them in person.

Review Authorizations

It should go without saying that the dispensary you shop from should have an official permit that allows it to sell weed, along with a¬†declaration that permits the sale of medicinal cannabis. Yet, don’t assume you’re in the clear because these documents are accessible and posted.

Ideally, the store should also provide a deeper level of transparency. Many will have their own labs (or partner with outside labs) to test the safety and validity of their products. As mentioned, Lit Vapes openly shares our test reports online, such as this report about our popular Blue Dream 2gm Delta-8 Disposable.

If you walk into a physical weed store and don’t see these documents posted, go ahead and ask! The associates should be more than willing to share the shop’s credentials with you. If they try to avoid the question or redirect the conversation in any way, it could mean that those¬†certifications aren’t available.

In that case, leave and go elsewhere. You don’t want to purchase weed from a store that isn’t credible, no matter how attractive the storefront might look or how friendly the team members are.

Compare Prices

Once you have a short list of reliable, credible weed shops in mind, it’s time to compare prices. Never choose a store based on prices alone, as this could mean picking a super-cheap store that has equally cheap business practices.

Instead, start by prioritizing quality and professionalism. Once you verify that those elements are in place, you can start looking at numbers.

It may seem as though the most expensive weed stores are the best ones, both in-person and online. However, this isn’t always the case. Some of the most distinguished shops can also be extremely overpriced.

Be wary of stores that claim to sell super-exclusive strains or promise any type of health results from the weed they offer. These tactics are often used as marketing ploys to reel buyers in. Stores can amp up their prices if they believe shoppers will pay for the benefits they advertise.

Take your time, cross-check prices at stores that appear reputable, and make your decision from there. Check to see if the stores you’re eyeing offer any type of specials, discounts, or coupon codes (for online shops). These factors can make the most expensive stores more affordable, so never base your decision on prices alone.

Check Staff Demeanor

Customer service and support are cornerstones of any weed store, both online and in-person. Online, you should be able to ask questions and speak to an expert any time you need to. The most reputable sites will offer 24/7 chat or phone support to meet this need.

If you’re shopping in person, take note of how the staff treats you when you walk through the door. Do they welcome you and offer assistance? Or, do they assume you know what you’re doing and stay behind the counter?

Team members¬†should be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable about all of the products they offer. They should never treat you unkindly or embarrass you when you ask a question.¬†If you’re going to spend money in a shop, you want to make sure the experience is enjoyable, and poor customer service can affect it tremendously.

Ensure Accessibility

You shouldn’t have to drive all the way across the state to find a weed store you can trust. If you aren’t coming up with any viable local options, take your search online. Especially if you use cannabis regularly, it simply won’t be convenient for you to shop from a store that’s far out of your way.

When you find¬†one that meets all of your criteria, make sure your shopping visits can fit practically into your schedule. This way, it won’t be an emergency when you run out! Online shops are ideal in this regard, as most will offer quick turnaround and lightning-fast shipping, bringing your favorites right to your front door.

Do a Test

No matter how professional a store seems or how high its reviews might be, you will ultimately be the final judge and critic.

If you keep purchasing weed products from a particular brand and consistently have a bad experience, it’s time to find a new source! The high shouldn’t feel unpleasant and you shouldn’t¬†feel forced to stick with low-quality products just because everyone else seems to love the shop.

This is as true for recreational marijuana users as it is for medicinal ones. Only stick with a shop that checks all of the boxes, including your own.

Find the Best Weed Shops Near You

As more states continue to legalize marijuana, new dispensaries are opening up, both on street corners and on the internet. The best weed shops are those that are well-reviewed, sanitary, and transparent about their business practices. They should also be staffed by knowledgeable, experienced experts.

Trying to find¬†a dispensary you can trust? If so, use these tips to guide you! If you’re looking for premium-quality vape products, start with us.

At Lit Vapes, we provide a range of vape products, all backed by our strict testing criteria and safety protocols. Check out our online shop today to get started!