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Can You Take CBD Oil and Gummies Together?

can you take cbd oil and gummies together

The CBD market is only becoming popular. Experts predict the CBD industry will experience a CAGR of 31.5% between 2020-2031.

Because CBD is so popular, users have many product options to choose from. Oils, edibles, vapes, and topicals are some of the most common ways to consume CBD, but oil tinctures and gummies are among the most popular consumption methods.

Have you tried CBD oils and gummies? If so, you probably noticed there are pros and cons to these consumption methods. You may even be asking yourself, “Can you take CBD oil and gummies together?” If this question popped into your mind, we have your answer.

Can You Take CBD Oil and Gummies Together?

Technically, yes. There should be no harm in consuming both CBD oil and gummies. That’s because there’s enough evidence to show that CBD is safe. While a CBD overdosage is possible, it’s near impossible to consume toxic amounts of CBD. We will talk more about this later.

As long as you follow the recommended dosage for both products and use products with safe extraction methods, most users don’t run into any problems when consuming both CBD oil and gummies.

There are pros and cons to this method. While many users find CBD gummies and oil work well together, other users may run into downsides.

This is why new users shouldn’t take both products together. Start by taking each one separately and decide if you think it’s best to take them together.

In addition, if you’re taking the smallest dose of one product but aren’t experiencing results, try increasing your dosage first before introducing a second product to your CBD routine.

You should also be cautious if you’re taking prescription drugs. Always talk to your doctor to ensure CBD won’t interact with any of your medications.

can you take cbd oil and gummies together

Benefits of Taking Both Together

CBD oil and gummies offer their own benefits. Many users like to combine the two products for one of these reasons.


Experienced CBD users may prefer taking one product but will take another product if it’s stronger. For example, some CBD oils are as strong as 1,500 MG.

Maybe a user who prefers taking gummies needs this strong of a dose, but can’t find it available in their favorite brand of gummies. Therefore, they may take a stronger CBD oil in addition to gummies.

Even if you’re an experienced user, you should still follow all dosage instructions. Never take the highest dose of both products.


CBD bioavailability is how much of the cannabinoid is delivered to the body. In other words, various CBD products absorb differently in your bloodstream. Some CBD products have high bioavailability, which means they’re stronger and work faster than those with low bioavailability.

CBD oil has higher bioavailability than gummies. If users need to feel the effects faster, they should take CBD oil. However, the same user may also prefer eating gummies throughout the day.

In that case, the user can take CBD oil in the morning to feel the effects immediately. Then, they can eat a gummy every few hours.


Gummies are more discreet than CBD oil. You can keep a bottle of gummies in your purse or on your desk. When it’s time to take CBD, all you have to do is pop a gummy in your mouth. To others, it looks like you’re simply eating a piece of candy.

CBD oil isn’t as convenient. You must dose your oil correctly on the dropper and take it in the sublingual method, which means taking the oil under the tongue. For the best results, users should hold the oil under the tongue to rapidly absorb the CBD into the bloodstream.

This isn’t easy to do while someone is constantly on the go. Many users may prefer taking CBD while at home, such as first thing in the morning and right before bed. Then, that same person can take gummies during the day if they need the extra CBD.

Even if you live a busy lifestyle, you shouldn’t take both CBD methods if you’re a new user. Stick to one method and decide if you want to add the second one.

Downsides to Taking Both Together

Taking both CBD oil and gummies may not be right for you. You risk taking too much CBD. If you’re using different brands, you may not receive the same quality from both products.

There are other reasons why some users may not find it necessary to take two different products, such as cost. Plus, you may get different results and adverse side effects.

Here’s more information about the negatives of taking CBD oil and gummies.

Costs More Money

When you use high-quality CBD products, you shouldn’t need to take an extra product. And if you feel you do, think about the costs associated with CBD.

One bottle of CBD oil can cost you anywhere between $45-$85, depending on the strength of the oil and ingredients. One container of gummies is around that same price range (though gummies do tend to be cheaper than oil).

By taking two different products, you’re spending close to double the amount that you would spend by only taking one form.

can you take cbd oil and gummies together

Increased Risk of Side Effects

While CBD is safe and well-tolerated, it does come with mild side effects. These include dry mouth, decreased blood pressure, drowsiness, and light-headedness.

The more CBD you consume, the likelier you’ll experience these side effects.

When you only take one form, dosing is easy, and you can decrease the risk of taking too much. But even if you follow all instructions for both forms, you may run the risk of consuming too much CBD. That’s because those products weren’t made to use together.

Different Results

Some users may feel CBD oil has better effects than gummies, and vice-versa. If you prefer taking one product, the other may not always come with better effects.

For example, CBD gummies have added sugar and other ingredients. If you’re trying to stay healthy, eating CBD gummies may interfere with your health goals.

In this case, sticking to only CBD oil makes the most sense. Most CBD oils only contain the cannabinoid with a carrier oil, so they’re ideal for various users.

How to Take CBD Oil and Gummies Together

Did you decide to take CBD oil and the best gummies together? If so, you can fit both products into your routine. Here are some best practices.

Pay Attention to the Dosage

Before taking any CBD product, always pay attention to the dosage. Most companies will offer detailed instructions, but some are not always clear.

For example, a company may tell you to take one gummy, but won’t specify how much CBD is in that gummy. This may take a bit of math; if the container has 300 MGs of CBD and there are 30 gummies, each gummy has 10 MG  of CBD.

The average adult takes between 20-40 MGs of CBD every day. This means you can either wait to take CBD oil later or go back and forth between both products throughout the day.

One During the Day, One During the Evening

While CBD may be taken at any time of the day, many users prefer taking CBD in the morning and at night. If this sounds like you, you can take one product when you wake up and another before going to bed.

It’s still recommended you follow the dosing instructions and take as close to the same amount of each product as possible.

Pay Attention to the Effects

Many CBD manufacturers create full-spectrum products, meaning they use all compounds of the hemp plant to offer different effects. For example, some hemp terpenoids give users more energy, while others make users feel tired.

If you’re taking CBD gummies and oil, make sure you can take both at any time of the day. Or, if you prefer taking one during the day and one at night, make sure each product is made to be taken at specific times.

In addition, you don’t want to take two different products that give you high energy or will make you sleepy.

Check THC Levels

Speaking of full-spectrum CBD, some products contain THC. While this is a small amount—less than 0.3%—it’s still best to ensure you’re not accidentally consuming full-spectrum CBD and another THC product.

In addition to CBD, there are other hemp-derived cannabis products. These include delta-8, delta-9, HHC, and THC-O. All these products contain THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids, and users take them to feel the euphoric effects.

Many of these products are available as oil tinctures and gummies, much like CBD.

If you want to take CBD and not feel a “high,” always check THC levels for both tinctures and gummies. There’s a chance you may accidentally purchase one product and not realize it contains THC.

Can You Combine Other CBD Products?

Maybe you don’t want to combine CBD oil and gummies, but you want to take other CBD products with an oil tincture or gummies. For example, maybe you prefer taking CBD oil to combat stress but prefer using topicals to decrease localized muscle stiffness or tension.

This is usually fine. Oil tinctures and gummies are ingestion methods, and users run into more risks when taking them together. Topicals only absorb into the skin and affect the localized area, so there’s little risk of adverse reactions.

What about vapes? Even though your body absorbs CBD through the lungs, vaping CBD with oil tinctures or gummies has its risks. CBD vapes have high bioavailability and are more difficult to dose, so you risk consuming too much.

Is a CBD Overdosage Possible?

You technically can overdose on CBD, but it’s pretty rare. In fact, there’s little evidence of anyone overdosing on CBD. The toxic CBD dose is 20,000 MG, which is near impossible to meet.

As stated previously, the average user consumes 20-40 MG of CBD. No one has any reason to consume 20,000 MG of CBD.

Using CBD Products From Different Brands

Some brands may make their products specifically to use together and offer dosing instructions for this purpose. But there’s a chance you may want to use CBD oil and gummies from two different brands.

Is this safe? This is usually fine. Since CBD comes with few risks and overdosing is close to impossible, you may not experience anything worse than some mild side effects.

The other advice mentioned still plays a part here. You should still pay attention to dosing instructions and your own tolerance. As a best practice, never take more than 10 MG of one CBD product at a time.

You can also divide both products up by taking one in the morning and one at night. This way, you decrease the risk of both products interfering with each other.

Lastly, ensure you’re only using CBD products and look out for any psychoactive cannabinoids, such as THC. Use isolates or broad-spectrum CBD to be on the safe side.

Can You Combine CBD and Hemp Oil?

Before answering this question, let’s first define hemp oil. CBD is a cannabinoid in the hemp plant, but CBD and hemp oil are two completely different products.

“Hemp oil” is the common name for hemp seed oil. As with other oils such as olive oil, hemp oil is made by cold pressing the hemp seeds.

Unlike CBD oil, users take hemp oil as a nutritional supplement. Hemp seeds are a powerful antioxidant and also have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

While users can consume hemp seeds on their own, some prefer consuming hemp seed oil. You can easily mix hemp seed oil with food and beverages, or take it by itself.

Can you take CBD and hemp oil together? Absolutely. Hemp oil only contains the nutrients found in the seeds, and may only have small traces of CBD. This means there’s little risk of any interactions.

Don’t Need CBD?

After asking yourself, “Can you take CBD oil and gummies together,” you may realize that CBD isn’t what you need. The hemp landscape is growing, but some users are still confused by the different cannabinoids. This is especially true if you want to use euphoric substances, such as delta-8 THC.

CBD by itself won’t cause any euphoria. That’s because CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. But there are plenty of products that do cause euphoric effects, such as D8, D9, HHC, and THC-O.

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