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How Delta 8 THC Affects Drug Tests

drug tests

Recent studies show that delta-8 was listed in 183 instances as a suspect drug. This is when a drug is classified in the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) database. It’s important that drug tests exist for products that contain potent substances, but how does delta-8 THC affect drug tests?

In some workplaces, it’s required to take a drug test which means you need to have a positive test result. But, if you consume delta-8 products, you need to know how long it takes to leave your system.

This way, you’ll test positive and still be able to enjoy your vape or gummies.

Read this article, and you’ll learn everything you need about drug testing and delta-8 products.

How Do Drug Tests Work?

Typically, drug tests involve a urine or blood sample. Drug tests aim to identify illegal or harmful substances in your body. Depending on the setting, if you fail a drug test, you could face going to prison or being fired from a job. But, before you panic, drug tests are usually a formality.

For example, employers often conduct drugs when hiring new employees or randomly during a work shift. It’s also possible that employers will ask for a drug test if they suspect drug misuse or if there’s been an accident.

Police officials can order drug tests for driving under the influence. In this situation, breath drug testing is to identify the blood alcohol content (BAC) of drivers or other people. This method is also common for testing marijuana or cocaine. Even though it’s still under development, it’s important to know that this is another way drug tests can check for substances.

The tricky thing about delta-8 drug tests is that they are similar to delta-9, and laboratories find it difficult to separate them. This is where it gets a little more scientific.

Technically, drug tests don’t look for THC, but they focus on identifying metabolites.  This is what stays in your system long after the THC has been passed through your body. So, you can test positive for an HHC gummies drug test because of the chemical structure of delta-8.

drug tests

Why You Test Positive for Delta-8

To help you understand more about delta-8 drug testing, let’s take a look at the differences and similarities with delta-9. The most important difference is that delta-8 is less potent than delta-9.  Both of these substances are found in the cannabis plant but don’t have the same effect after consumption.

Delta-9 gives consumers a feeling of euphoria that is not the same as delta-8. When you take delta-8, you can expect a mild, more subtle reaction. It will also depend on the product, as gummies or vapes enter your system at different speeds. Plus, your level of experience will influence the reaction.

After the farm bill in 2018, the policy was made that delta-8 could be legal in certain states as long it contains less than 0.3% of THC. Delta-8 is created from the cannabinoid CBD and is readily available in many stores.

Here is a breakdown of why a drug test will come up as positive with delta-8:

  • Same chemical structure as delta-9
  • The metabolites show up in a drug test
  • New developments in drug tests that detect delta-8

The Time That Delta-8 Stays in Your System

Everybody has their own metabolism, which means that delta-8 can stay in your system for a few hours or days. This will also vary based on the quantity and potency of the product.

The obvious fact is the quantity of delta-8. A small dosage will take less time to leave your system than a large amount over days. Generally, a light dose can stay in your system for up to a week. But, if you’re a frequent delta-8 consumer, it can last up to a month in your body.

This is for people who vape daily or take gummies every night before bed. So, if you only take delta-8 occasionally, you won’t need to worry about a long timeline. The quickest way to get the effects of delta-8 is to smoke or vape the substance. But, if you want slow-release gummies more suitable.

Individual Metabolism

Another important factor for drug tests is your metabolism. People with a high metabolism rate will digest delta-8 quicker, and it will leave their system in a few days. Some of the main symptoms of a high metabolism are difficulty putting on weight or sweating regularly.

Body fat can also prevent THC from leaving your body as the substance likes to bind to fat molecules. One way to increase the speed of delta-8 leaving your body is to exercise. This speeds up your metabolic rate and makes it easy for your body to eliminate the chemical.

Even though it won’t completely remove all the substance, it’s a good place to start when detoxing for a drug test.

Type of Delta-8

The most popular methods of taking delta-8 are gummies and vapes, so the reaction will determine how long the substance is in your body. If you take delta-8 gummies a day before the drug test, it will be in your system. But it’s good to know that drug tests can detect delta-8 metabolites three days after one use of the product.

The test will identify the substance for thirty days if you’re a regular user. This is the rule for urine tests which is usually the type of drug test you can expect to be given.

Saliva drug tests also pick up on delta-8 but have a shorter timeframe. One-time use can be detected a day after consumption, and regular consumption is found three days after consumption. The timeline will vary from person to person, depending on the circumstances, but you must have an estimated estimate of the time it takes to leave your body.

Medical professionals use blood drug testing in emergencies, and it can cost more money. This is why most organizations use saliva or urine samples. It’s quick and easy to do multiple tests in one area.

Before a drug test, it’s important that you look up which can kind of test you will have. Then, you can research what to expect and not have to turn up feeling anxious.

drug tests

Preparing for a Drug Test

To pass a drug test for delta-8, there are a few things to do that can help you prepare and ensure you don’t get a positive result. As mentioned, exercise is a great way to remove the substance from your body and speed up the process. Spending days sitting or not moving often will make it harder for the delta-8 to break down in your system.

Walking daily, scheduling time at the gym, or following online fitness videos are also good for boosting your metabolism. If you already have a consistent exercise routine, try focusing on increasing the intensity and working out for longer periods.

This gives your body more time to produce sweat and remove the delta-8.

Drink More Water

Water is vital to clearing your system of chemicals and toxins, so it’s essential for getting rid of delta-8. Drinking water promotes a healthy kidney and liver, which is the central part of the body that removes substances. Having a healthy kidney and liver for your overall health is also important, so water should be a top priority in your daily rhythm.

If you struggle to drink water, you can buy yourself a new water bottle that gives measurements for drinking throughout the day. This means you won’t forget to finish your bottle if you leave it somewhere in your home. Alternatively, put some lemon or other fruit flavorings into the water.

A fruity taste can encourage people to drink more and will benefit your body before a drug test. Combining exercise and drinking water is an effective method to clear out delta-8 in your blood flow.

Eat Good Food

Your body functions with a balance of nutritional food, water, and exercise. Without a healthy diet, your body can’t remove toxins, and you can eventually become sick from the lack of nutrients. As we know, a buildup of fat cells makes it harder for your body to detox delta-8, so avoiding large quantities of junk food is best.

Focus on filling your plate with vitamins, fiber, and other healthy fats. Always think in terms of vegetables, protein, and unprocessed carbohydrates. It’s a great time to explore new recipes and practice your cooking skills.

But it’s also vital to give your body good food so you don’t fail a drug test which means making careful decisions about groceries a few days before the appointment.

Follow the basic tips of eating well, exercising every day, avoiding junk food, and limiting delta-8 before a drug test. If you plan your daily routine and lower the consumption of delta-8, you could pass a drug test. But, if you don’t, then it’s possible you could face a positive result and need to take further action with an employer or government official.

It’s recommended that you take delta-8 in the states where it’s legal to avoid getting into trouble. So, check the regulations before you buy a delta-8 product and ask your employer if drug tests are necessary.

The Aftermath of a Drug Test

The type of drug test will impact the time you need to wait for a result. Urine and blood tests and quick because they don’t require the same laboratory testing as other methods. So, these two options will produce a short turnaround, and you will get your results in a few days or weeks.

On the results, it’s stated if the test is positive or negative. There is sometimes more information, but your organization or employers will tell you what happens next in either scenario. The rules change everywhere, so it’s important to clarify the procedures at the beginning of the process.

Once you know when the drug test will occur, you can plan the preparation and schedule the timeline for waiting for the results.

The sample could need further testing if the test is positive the first time. This is when a small amount is detected, or they want to be extra safe about the test.

False-negative tests are when the sample is insufficient or has been damaged in the laboratory. So, it’s possible that the test will have to be repeated.

Should I Still Take Delta-8?

Delta-8 has potentially great benefits for your mood and health. It could help you cope with mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. For people who suffer from insomnia and chronic, it’s also possible to use delta-8 products to manage symptoms.

You can find a range of amazing products on our website that provide different ways of taking delta-8. We have a great selection of flavors and styles if you prefer to vape. But if you want to explore gummies, there are also tasty options to try until you find your favorite flavor.

Drug tests can be overwhelming to think about, especially if you’ve never been through the process. These tips and insights should help you prepare for the appointment and ensure you know what to expect when waiting for the results.

Only consume delta-8 in states where it’s legalized, so you won’t have to worry about facing fines or punishment from the law. In the meantime, relax with some new gummies and try our range of exciting products.

Delta-8 Products With More Variety

Doing your research when taking a new product is important so you don’t fail a drug test. But, not all drug tests are the same, and the procedure will look different for everyone. All you can do is follow the proper guidelines and try to boost your metabolism before the appointment if this is necessary.

Otherwise, check out the different delta-8 products that are available for you to enjoy alone or with friends. Disposable vapes are ways to use, and the gummies are portable. This means you can have a combination of flavors at home and events.

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