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Everything You Need to Know About the Jack Herer Strain

jack herer strain

Have you been seeing the strain name Jack Herer and are wondering what the hype is all about?

According to estimates, there are more than 700 official strains of cannabis. Out of all these hundreds of strains, Jack Herer is one of the most renowned.

New strains are being developed all the time, but there are some classics that just can’t be replaced. Jack Herer is one of these.

Not only does it have a fascinating back story and solid place in cannabis history—but it’s famous for producing a very unique, energizing high, making it a favorite among creatives.

The takeaway? If you’ve yet to discover the Jack Herer strain, you’re missing out.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Jack Herer.

What Is Jack Herer?

If you’re wondering “what is Jack Herer?,” it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid sporting a 55%-45% Sativa-Indica ratio.

Many people say that Jack Herer strikes a perfect balance between Sativa and Indica.

As far as its lineage is concerned, the Jack Herer strain comes from a Shiva Skunk and Nothern Lights #5 mix and a hybrid haze.

It also goes by the names “The Jack,” “Premium Jack,” and “Platinum Jack.”

THC Content of the Jack Herer Strain

Although it’s an older strain, Jack Herer doesn’t leave anything lacking in the strength department, boasting an 18%-24% THC content.

Besides having decent THC levels, the Jack Herer strain also possesses >1% CBD. If you’re after a stronger high, this is a good thing.

Why? Let us explain.

When you consume cannabis, the THC and other cannabinoids bind to specific receptors in the body. CBD has an inhibiting effect on the binding of THC to the cannabinoid receptors.

Thanks to this, strains with high CBD-to-THC ratios usually have much milder, less noticeable effects.

Strains with less CBD, like Jack Herer, tend to produce buzzier, more cerebral effects.

This low CBD-to-THC ratio (and high THC content) is one of the reasons people still flock to buy Jack Herer today.

Research shows that THC content is a top priority for most cannabis buyers.

Origin Story of the Jack Herer Strain

Now that we’ve covered the genetic makeup of the Jack Herer weed strain, let’s take a quick look at its origin story.

This iconic strain was bred in the Netherlands back in the mid-’90s by the OG seed company, Sensi Seeds. Besides being sold in Amsterdam’s coffee shops, it was also a recognized medical-grade strain and distributed in Dutch pharmacies.

Most weed strain names have their origins in their cross, terpenes, flavor profile, or effects. For instance, Blueberry Kush is a famous Kush strain with strong blueberry terps.

“The Jack” is one of the few strains that’s named after a person. Jack Herer was a famous American marijuana rights activist who played a significant role in the early drive toward cannabis legalization.

Like the strain that’s named after him, Jack Herer had many nicknames. Some called him the father of the legalization movement, others the unsung hero of cannabis, and finally “the Emperor of Hemp.”

This last name came after he published his widely acclaimed book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” where he outlined the benefits and uses of hemp. Jack Herer also founded and acted as the director for the Help End Marijuana Prohibition organization.

Since its release, the Jack Herer weed strain became just as famous, or even more famous than its namesake, winning multiple awards. This includes first prize in the 7th High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994.

There is also a Jack Herer Cup, which is held annually in the US, Colombia, and Thailand.

Now, just about every seed bank worth its crystals carries its own take on this Cannabis Cup winner.

The Different Jack Herer Phenotypes

Although weed strains have specific characteristics, each strain also has some genetic variations. These are called phenotypes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, phenotype refers to the different genetic manifestations a plant can take on. In other words, not every Jack Herer plant will look the same or yield exactly the same types of buds.

If you’ve ever wondered why the same strain tastes different depending on which dispensary you buy it from—it’s thanks to phenotypes.

The different Jack Herer strain phenotype variations are broken down into the following.

Phenotype A

This is the most potent Jack Herer phenotype, producing potently resinous buds with oversized calyxes. If strength is your primary concern, this is the pheno to pick.

Phenotype B

Unlike the other Jack Herer phenos, phenotype B skews more Indica. This pheno is particularly popular for indoor grows where it packs a punch on speed, weight, and compact growth patterns.

As far as effects are concerned, pheno B has a marked Indica effect, with increased feelings of calm. However, the Indica slant doesn’t overpower the cerebral Sativa-based effects that the overall Jack Herer weed strain is so well known for.

Phenotype C

Phenotype C is very similar to phenotype A, but there are enough differences for it to be a separate pheno. For one, the calyxes are far smaller and the entire bud structure is spikier.

These bubbly, spiky buds tend to have even more resin and boast sweet/spicy terps. As far as effects are concerned, phenotype C buds are known for being some of the most energizing and uplifting out of all the Jack Herer phenos.

Phenotype D

Phenotype D buds are typically hard to find, as they are the least popular with commercial grows. The reason for this is that the growth structure yields less bud and takes up more room.

However, a lot of home growers particularly like this pheno, as it yields an astounding amount of resin.

Pheno D has a rich, sharp flavor with almost hash-like undertones.

Best Jack Herer Hybrids

It should come as no surprise that an OG strain like Jack Herer is the forefather to a lot of hybrids and subsequent strains.

Just like Jack Herer is a hybrid, over time growers have used this incredible strain to form even more complex, nuanced hybrids.

Some of the Jack Herer hybrids that stand out are:

  • Jack Flash
  • Galactic Jack
  • Gypsy Haze
  • Jacky White
  • Amnesia
  • Jack Diesel
  • Toxomango

These are just a handful of the many strains that contain Jack Herer genetics. Of these famous descendants, Jack Diesel and Toxomango are two that are particularly interesting.

Jack Diesel is a cross of, you guessed it, Jack Herer and Sour Diesel. Both these strains possess history-book-level cannabis genetic lineage. The result?

A fast-growing, vigorous plant that packs a more powerful, psychoactive punch than either of its parents.

If you like mellow, sweet varietals like Fruity Pebbles, Toxomango is a good choice with its deep body high that can help to wash away tension.

Growth Structure and Bud Formation

While there are differences between phenotypes, overall, Jack Herer buds tend to be dense, angular, and knotty with flat peaks and enough resin to seal a 16th-century ship’s hull.

Although it beats most contestants on the trichrome count, Jack Herer flowers don’t offer much in the way of color. The buds usually sport pale to medium green leaves and have a gritty look.

Fortunately, these flowers more than make up for their run-of-the-mill appearance with a legendary terpene profile.

In summary, the Jack Herer weed strain might not make for the prettiest buds at the dispensary counter, but the proof is in the smell and the smoke.

Growing Jack Herer

Jack Herer isn’t one of the hardest trains to grow, in fact, even beginners can cultivate it with success.

However, if you want to grow the Jack Herer weed strain, you will need to put in time and attention. This isn’t a strain you can put on auto-pilot.

If grown outdoors, Jack Herer phenos tend to do best in a dry, Mediterranean climate, as is the case with a lot of strains.

However, Jack Herer plants are relatively resistant to pests, diseases, and mold, which means it’s not impossible to grow them in more humid regions.

If you’re an indoor grower, be sure to keep your humidity levels low, don’t overwater, and be prepared to wait 50-70 days to flower out your babies.

Flavor and Terpene Profile

Want to know how the Jack Herer strain smokes?

The exact taste can depend on the phenotype and how the plant was grown, but there are a few characteristics that hold true across all phenos and growing parameters.

Jack Herer bud is renowned for its pine, citrusy, spicy, herbal, and wood terpenes. Overall it has an earthy, rich, and decidedly skunky flavor, punctuated by intense orange and lemon notes.

All this is undercut by a sweet base, with grassy herbal notes floating on top and intermittent woody accents.

What to Expect From a Jack Herer High

Thanks to its Sativa-Indica balance, the Jack Herer strain produces a unique high. The Sativa tilt produces deep cerebral effects. At the same time, the Indica underpinnings trigger relaxation, but without any intense “glued-to-the-couch” effects.

Many say that the Jack Herer weed strain offers the best of both worlds for striking a balance between a cerebral vs body high.

The overall result? A blissful, clear-headed, uplifting, energizing buzz that stimulates creativity.

When to Smoke Jack Herer

One of the joys of experimenting with different weed strains is pairing the right strain with your activity, mood, or the time of day.

The uplifting, energizing effects of Jack Herer make it an ideal daytime smoke, and it’s often described as the perfect wake-and-bake strain.

Besides being a great morning smoke, Jack Herer is also an ideal choice when you’re doing a creative project. It’s known as a very social smoke that promotes deep and meaningful interchanges.

Ways to Smoke Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a great resin producer. This makes it a good variety to enjoy in a vaporizer and for those who want to make concentrates and hash.


Although the Jack Herer strain gets a lot of hype in the recreational cannabis scene, it has a long history of medicinal use.

According to Healthline, many users report that it reduces symptoms of depression.

The high THC levels also make it a popular choice for managing pain.

Potential Side Effects

Because of its low CBD content and Sativa leanings, the Jack Herer strain can produce feelings of paranoia, especially in stronger doses.

Besides this potential side effect, like with most other strains, you might also experience dry eyes and cotton mouth.

Where to Purchase Jack Herer

If you’re looking to purchase some Jack Herer bud, your best bet is at your local dispensary. As it’s an OG classic, a lot of dispensaries carry this strain.

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Now You’re up to Speed With the Iconic Jack Herer Strain

The Jack Herer strain isn’t just an iconic part of cannabis history. It’s also the grandaddy to a lot of newer strains and hybrids found today. Now that you know the history and characteristics of Jack Herer, you’re that much closer to picking out the perfect cannabis product.

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