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Cannabis Edibles on an Empty Stomach: Yay or Nay?

cannabis edibles

The majority of people in America believe that cannabis edibles are becoming much more popular in recent years. Still, not everybody knows how to take them, and some users end up having problems because of eating them on an empty stomach. So, what is wrong with doing this, and how can you mitigate it?

This article will help you understand what taking edibles does to your body and what that means if you use them without eating anything else. As you read through, consider the pros and cons of taking edibles in different ways. Using the information here, you can start to understand how you could have the best experience with them in the future.

Pros of Taking Edibles on an Empty Stomach

There are several reasons you might want to start taking edibles without other foods. These include:

Faster Effects

The stomach will digest the edible faster without any other food in the area. Thus, the edibles will move faster onto the latter areas of the digestive tract. They will then enter the bloodstream in a shorter time before binding with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors.

Stronger Impact

In a similar way to having a faster effect, without more food absorbing into the body, digestion will focus on the edible. This means it will enter the bloodstream in a more concentrated form. The body will feel the impact of this as more of the chemical is around at the same time and it will thus give you a stronger high.

Fewer Food Interactions

Depending on the specific cannabinoid in question, you might find you absorb them less after eating specific foods. For example, cannabis can dissolve into fats with ease, so high-fat items such as butter will increase the absorption rate. At the same time, high-fiber food items can slow down how fast you take cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

Both of these possibilities mean the speed you feel a high will be more unpredictable. This is an issue when you want to have more control over the dosage.

For people who take cannabis-related chemicals for medical reasons, this can be a detriment. They want to know how much they are taking at any time. If they need the effects of cannabinoids to relieve issues, they also want to know they are going to feel the high faster.

cannabis edibles

Cons of Taking Edibles on an Empty Stomach

While there are several good points about taking edibles on an empty stomach, not every fact about this practice is positive. The following are some reasons to be careful when trying this out.

More Powerful Side Effects

While the positive effects of THC are stronger while taking edibles on an empty stomach, so are the negative ones. You want to be aware of how much they will affect you so you can prepare for such outcomes beforehand.

Less Predictability

Depending on your metabolism that day, the effects of THC are a little less predictable. When on a longer timescale, you can expect a smoother hit, whereas when everything comes at you faster, it can be a little rougher.

Shorter Duration

Sometimes you want things to last longer. If that is the case, an empty stomach dosage may not be for you. Your body will take up all the THC in a much shorter time when there is nothing to dilute it.

Are Gummies Hard to Digest

Cannabis edibles are not harder to digest than non-cannabis foods. Your body processes all food in the same way. Its contents then move through the body, offering nutrients or other effects.

As such, unless you have an intolerance to the ingredients in what you eat you should not expect a large difference from eating gummies. They are food, after all, like everything else you should eat.

Manufacturers make Gummies from gelatin and other binding agents. This means they are very much like several other foods you might imbibe. Unless you have a specific intolerance to gelatin or one of the other chemicals, you should expect them to interact similarly with your body.

The main difference is more found between cannabis edibles such as gummies and other forms of cannabis intake. The food must go through the standard digestive process before entering the bloodstream. This can cause it to take up to at least an hour before you feel anything.

If you want a faster high, you should investigate other options instead of delta-8 edibles or delta-9 edibles. You could try vapes, or even dabbing.

Instead, you might want something slower that you will feel impact your body over several hours. If that is the case, ingestible cannabis products are an appropriate choice. Some options, such as gummies, give you this feeling and can help you enjoy them without a sudden rush of effects.

Eating on an Empty Stomach

When taking edibles without eating anything else, you do prevent some of the worst effects as the gummies themselves are food. Thus, you are not eating pure THC. Still, it is rarely enough to hold off all effects of the cannabinoids on your stomach.

These chemicals can often start to irritate the lining of your digestive system. In large enough amounts, it can lead to you feeling nausea or abdominal pain. In extreme cases, you might even end up vomiting, which is bad enough without remembering you will have then wasted the product you bought.

As the cannabinoid moves to the other end of the digestive tract, it can have other effects. Cannabis can alter how fast any food moves through your system. Depending on what impact this has, it can lead to issues such as cramping or even diarrhea.

Sometimes it is not even the cannabis that is the issue. Eating several gummies on an empty stomach can have its own problems.

Gelatin is made of a lot of fat, and many gummy manufacturers flavor their products with sugar. By eating these on an empty stomach, you may find they can increase the amount of gastric acid you produce, leading to indigestion. It can also further slow down the movement of food through your system, creating blockages or even constipation.

As with everything you take, consider it in moderation and try new experiences with a great deal of care.

How Does the Digestive System Process Edibles?

When taking edibles on an empty stomach, it is important to understand how your body engages with these products. This way, you can work with them to have a better experience and change up how you take them in the future should something go wrong.

After chewing and digestion starting with saliva in the mouth, edibles will move down to a person’s stomach. Here, they mix with stomach acid and enzymes that start to break them down into their individual components. The body does this to prepare these chemicals so it can absorb them later on.

After the stomach, this mix of acids, enzymes, and food enters the small intestine. Here, the pancreas and liver serve up further enzymes. They continue to react with the edibles’ remnants to turn them into things the body can later use.

At this point, the nutrients and active ingredients in the edibles pass through the lining of the small intestines’ wall. The body then carries them to the liver, where this organ processes them and passes them into the bloodstream.

How Do Edibles Affect the Body?

Once cannabinoids start moving around the body via the bloodstream, they will begin to bind to the body’s chemical receptors. These are groups of specialized cells that can detect changes in their environment. As such, they determine when there are cannabinoids in the system and then start sending electrical impulses to the brain.

Once this interaction occurs, the brain will react in several different ways. It can change the mood of the user, alter their perception of their environment, or cause them to relax. The specifics of these reactions can depend a lot on both the person who takes them as well as the specific type or amount of cannabinoids they use.

Some of the more positive effects they can have on the human body include:

Creativity. Due to the altered perception and changes in thinking cannabinoids bring, some people use them when trying to be creative. It can help them consider points of view or angles of approach they would not have otherwise considered.

Relaxation. As the cannabinoids in edibles bind with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, the user will often start to feel more relaxed. This can help people who feel stressed and anxious, or who need more sleep than they are otherwise getting.

Fullness. As edibles are food, they can offer the body a level of satisfaction through the simple act of eating. Many of these products are also sweetened or produced with other flavors, making them taste good for the person eating them.

Pain relief. Some people report feeling a temporary lessening of chronic pain. You should understand, though, these are not yet confirmed in controlled settings and as such we cannot guarantee them.

cannabis edibles

What Can Affect Cannabis Absorption?

Many different things can impact how fast the body absorbs cannabis. Some of them relate to the body itself, whereas others are linked to the edible.

If you are debating eating edibles on an empty stomach, think about these and consider reducing the absorption rate. This will help prevent your stomach lining from suffering from the effects of the chemical moving through it.

Edibles Dosage

Depending on your choice of THC gummies, you might find they could contain any level of dosage. While it may seem obvious, if there are more cannabinoids in an edible, the body will then absorb more of the chemical. This can impact how effective it is at giving you a “high”, but also a larger dosage is more likely to have negative side effects too.

Your Metabolism

Nobody knows your own body better than yourself. As such, think about how fast you are likely to start to absorb anything you put into it.

If you have a faster metabolism, you are much more likely to break down any edibles you eat faster. This means you will take in the chemicals in less time, especially if you are eating them on an empty stomach. As such, if you are this kind of person, consider how to either slow your metabolism or reconsider the methods by which you take cannabinoids.

Body Shape

Those with larger bodies or a higher body fat percentage are likely to take in extra nutrients much more slowly. This includes the active ingredients of edibles such as THC. Similarly, if you are smaller or have less fat, you can expect to absorb the chemical faster.

If you are a smaller person, think of ways to slow down the chemical’s absorption. This will help you handle taking it on an empty stomach and means your high is likely to last longer.

Edible Type

There are many types of edibles over and above the simple gummy. While they are very popular, you can also find baked goods or tinctures from many different vendors. You could even combine the gummies you buy with other non-THC foods in your home to make less-concentrated food.

Sometimes, this might lead to something as simple as you “not eating on an empty stomach” because you are eating something else at the same time. However, this is as much of a solution as any other when it comes to stopping negative side effects.

The Perfect Cannabis Edibles

The above information should help when it comes to taking cannabis edibles on an empty stomach. It is, after all, something many people want to try once they learn of its positive effects. Still, to do this, you will need some edibles for the whole thing to work.

While we have a wide range of edible options for you to choose from, our store contains more products than gummies alone. No matter whether you want vapes, gummies, or concentrates, we have something for you. So check out our shop and find out more about the products we have in stock today.