Hexahydrocannabinol: A Guide to HHC


Despite its discovery in 1940, HHC is a much less well-known chemical when it comes to the drug market than other options such as CBD and THC. People still use it due to beliefs about its benefits, and companies sell it in various products. Though, what is it and how do people prefer to use it?

We have collated a lot of the information related to HHC below, for your information. Use this article as a reference guide, as there is not much verifiable information on hexahydrocannabinol online.

What Is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is not a natural substance. Scientists first synthesized it in the 1940s and have since studied its possible uses in medicine and recreation.

Despite the medical and scientific community being aware of HHC for quite some time, the research into it is still very limited. Thus, most of the reports about its effectiveness are anecdotal or related to the marketing of HHC products. While this does not mean you should not take it, it instead suggests you should take care as always when taking a new chemical.

HHC is similar in chemical structure to THC, one of the psychoactive components of the cannabis plant. If you want to impress your peers, you can tell them the main difference. This is when you replace THC’s “pentyl chain” with a “cyclohexane ring”, ending up with a different formation of atoms in the molecule.

After the discovery of HHC in the 1940s, a study came out in the 50s describing its properties as being very much like those of THC. It also discussed how its effects on the body felt somewhat analogous, including its psychoactive impact.

Since then, it had received some interest as a pharmaceutical. Though, its entry into the recreational drug scene is very recent and under a large amount of scrutiny.


How Can You Take HHC?

There are many ways you can take HHC. A lot of these reflect common THC or cannabis practices. Though, they may demand different ingredients depending on your tastes.


Most often, you will find HHC in edibles. These might take the form of gummies or any other kind of food. While it is very hard to produce HHC in a home environment, one could melt down gummies to create any number of other products. This gives you many options with which to bake or cook with them.


The next most-popular method of imbibing HHC is via vaping. Vape juice has a very high level of “bioavailability”, as in how much transfers from its medium into the bloodstream. While it is not as high in vapes as in edibles, the availability and speed at which people vape tends to make it a popular choice.

Information on a chemical’s bioavailability can be important. For example, if you want to increase or decrease its effects, you could try switching to a different medium of the drug.


You can also pick up an HHC concentrate. This is when the drug is in a pure form, combined with small amounts of other chemicals to help it keep its consistency. You can often find laboratory tests or similar information to help you work out how potent such a form of HHC is.

There are many ways to take HHC concentrates, this includes using a dabbing rig to inhale the heated-up concentrate. You can also put it into cigarettes alongside tobacco or cannabis and burn it. Each comes with its own benefits and downsides that are too varied to list here, so check out other articles for this information


While you will not find HHC cannabis flower occurring in a natural environment, stores have latched on to the idea people enjoy HHC in such a form. As such, you can now also buy cannabis flower which its growers spray with HHC before or after harvesting. While this is not a natural process, it does increase the amount of HHC in the resulting product.

What Are Some Hexahydrocannabinol Effects?

Hexahydrocannabinol has a large number of possible effects on the body and mind. They are not guaranteed for all users, so you should consider this when taking this drug for the first time.

You should think about your own experiences with cannabis-related chemicals. You can then adjust the dosage to introduce it to your system at a rate that works best for you.

These are some of the things you might experience while taking HHC:


When you have ingested HHC, you may find your perception changes. It also has some strong mood-altering properties.

HHC is well-known as a relaxant. The expectation in the cannabis community is that it acts on the same systems in the body as THC does. This is by bonding with a set of neurotransmitters called the “Endocannabinoid system” (ECS).

If HHC does bond with the ECS, it can trigger the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. This chemical increases the amount of pleasure the body feels and is often released into the blood as a reward for task completion. Thus, it will start to make someone feel relaxed about their responsibilities.

Dopamine is also linked to feelings of euphoria; as such, HHC increases the amount of joy a user experiences. These feelings can be tempting to engage with more. So, although the chemical itself does not cause inherent addiction, you should be aware of how it affects you and use it in moderation.

Depending on the amount you take, HHC could affect your visual or auditory systems in pleasant ways. Although reactions such as these are rare and may suggest an interaction with another medication or other issues. Should these happen, you should stop taking HHC until you determine the cause.



There are some reports on the effectiveness of HHC as an analgesic chemical. While the specific nature of HHC has not yet received much research, the belief is that it acts on pain in the same way as THC and other cannabinoids.

There is some proof activating specific ECS receptors from other cannabinoids has had a dramatic effect on pain signals. It can often prevent or slow them from reaching the brain. Should this be true of HHS too, it would stand to reason taking it can improve someone’s life should they suffer from chronic pain.

One study seems to hold this as true, though the study was not completed on humans but on mice. Still, it demands further research as soon as possible as it could have a drastic effect on the life of people who have long-standing pain issues.

Side Effects

Once more, we should point out that HHC has not received the same amount of research as other similar chemicals, such as THC. As such, we cannot guarantee any of the side effects and positive outcomes. Although we can make assumptions based on the similarities with other chemicals in the same range.

First of all, all popular cannabinoids can impact the way your brain functions. While for many people this can be a positive as discussed above, for others these effects might be negative. These can include anything from memory issues to problems concentrating.

In some cases, these effects on the mind can increase anxiety and cause issues such as panic attacks. These may stem from pre-existing feelings of dread in the user, but cannabinoids are also known to trigger paranoia in some cases. This can cause social and professional issues if allowed to linger.

On a more physical level, cannabinoids impact the body’s blood circulation. As people take them, they can often create lower blood pressure in the user. In many people, this will not have a large impact, though others already have blood pressure issues, and may have a larger problem.

Next, cannabinoids have a reputation for their ability to impact the body’s appetite. Not only this, but it can affect how the digestive system works. Should you take a lot, you may find yourself feeling hungrier for specific foods.

For some, this may be a positive effect and you may find you want to feel hungrier for one reason or another. Though, some may have digestive issues or mental health problems related to weight or eating. Taking HHC could thus trigger further trauma.


While cannabinoids are not very addictive themselves, they do have the potential to cause dependence. People can become used to the feelings of euphoria or relaxation they give them, and this could lead to more issues down the line. In some, the increased tolerance may be a sign their body is demanding more of them, which can lead to feelings of dependence.

As such, while we would not tell you not to take HHC, we would recommend you be careful with all chemicals you put into your body. Use HHC in moderation and with wisdom, and you can keep doing so safely long into the future.

The Difference Between THC, CBD, and HHC

These three cannabinoids are all chemicals that exist within cannabis. Still, much like any differing chemicals, they are not identical.

One of the main differences between the three is how they impact the ECS. First, CBD does not bind with these neurotransmitters in anywhere near the same quantity. This means you will not get a “high” with CBD which can lead to large changes to your mood or judgment.

The reason CBD does not bind with these neurotransmitters is because of the differences in its chemical structure. If you want to impress those you take these chemicals with, you can mention how this is because CBD does not have a double bond in its atomic structure.

Why Take HHC?

Because of the lack of research into HHC, it might be hard to determine why someone would want to take it over other options. Still, there are fewer scientific reasons why you might want to try it.

First of all, you might be in the mood for something new. After many sessions of checking out cannabis, THC, CBD, or other options you might want to expand your horizons. As such, HHC might be the new waters you were hoping for.

If your peers have tried it, you might feel some pressure to jump into that boat too. While “because your friends are doing it” is something your parents would always warn you about, we do understand it is very tempting.

Another thing you might like about HHC is its taste. Different people have varying reactions to the taste or smell of different kinds of chemicals. Some love specific brands or species of cannabis, whereas others prefer concentrates, so HHC might be best for you.

Also, it might be the case HHC is easier for you to find. With the murky legal status of THC, CBD, and HHC in many states, you could enjoy picking up HHC over the other options.

This brings us to our final point. HHC is not called THC.

Both THC and CBD have started to get reputations because of their illegal nature in many states. So, if you happen to mention HHC and someone overhears, it is less likely you will receive an unfair judgment for it.

Is HHC Legal?

HHC is still in that murky legal territory many different hemp products are in. While it is federally allowed, many states have passed laws banning its use.

Lucky for you, there are many sites online that can help you out. You should have the ability to find places you can check if you are safe buying it. Thus, you can stay out of trouble and still enjoy its benefits where possible.

Hexahydrocannabinol Products For You

With the above information, it is likely you now have a much more robust understanding of what hexahydrocannabinol can do. With this analysis in mind, you might be considering using it yourself.

So, if you want to try it for the first time, you should take a look at what we have to offer. We sell gummies and vapes containing HHC, as well as many other products that might appeal to you. So check out our store for more options and see what you are missing out on.