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What Delta 8 Strain Makes You Laugh the Most?

delta 8 strain

Want to know a fun fact? Laughing more could increase your lifespan by an average of 8 years. Seeing the funny side of life can even benefit your career, according to research.

Cannabis consumption is plagued by stereotypes. Most of these aren’t accurate at all, but one that does hold up to scrutiny is THC’s ability to trigger laughter.

Cannabis lowers inhibitory tendencies around the laughing reflex. This is the part of your brain that says “Laughing right now might be silly/inappropriate”.

Are you on the hunt for a Delta 8 strain that’ll help you get your giggle on? Certain strains are renowned for being particularly likely to spark off a laugh attack.

Keep reading to find out which Delta 8 strains can make you laugh the most.

Snicker Away With Sour Diesel

If you’re looking to buy a Delta 8 strain that’s gonna get you laughing and feeling goofy, Sour Diesel is a solid choice.

Sour Diesel is an OG kush strain, renowned for its energizing effects. Sativa dominant, this strain is highly cerebral and has a reputation for its potency.

What’s wonderful about the Delta 8 variation is it can offer a smoother, more subtle high, which is perfect for getting you into a state of mind that’s conducive to the giggles.

This is one of the big differences between Delta 8 vs Delta 9.

Delta 8 products are derived from hemp. Most Delta 8 strain types are more mellow and trigger fewer unwanted effects compared to Delta 9. According to research, users report that Delta 8 is Delta 9’s “nicer sibling.”

Laugh Out Loud With Jamaican Lambsbread

Another old-school strain that can get you giggling is Jamaican Lambsbread.

Also known as Lamb’s Breath, this classic sativa-dominant cannabis strain was favored by musicians and reggae artists like Bob Marley for its ability to stimulate creativity.

Recently, this retro strain has seen a surge in popularity. Some people report that Lambsbread can trigger a meditative state. Besides mellowing you out to the max, Jamaica’s signature strain can also stimulate easy chuckles.

If you’re someone who tends to feel giggly on weed, this landrace strain will definitely get you laughing.

delta 8 strain

Get Your Giggle On With Gelato

Gelato is another Delta 8 strain that’s top of the list for eliciting laughter.

Gelato is a coveted hybrid, famous for its balanced effects. A cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, gelato produces both a relaxing and uplifting high.

This mixture of euphoria and ease is ideal for letting laughter flow.

Gelator also has an incredible flavor profile, full of fruity and creamy notes.

Looking to buy Delta 8 Gelato? You’re in luck. Lit Vapes stocks a delicious variation on the old cookie hybrid favorite, Lemon Cherry Gelato.

Lift Your Spirits with Laughing Buddha

No list of strains that make you laugh would be complete without a mention of Laughing Buddha. As the name suggests, this strain’s main claim to fame is its ability to make users laugh.

Like many others on our list, Laughing Buddha is a sativa-dominant hybrid. A cross between Jamaican and Thai strains, Laughing Buddha is one of your absolute best bets if you want to bust out in laughter at the drop of a hat.

Besides triggering laughter, Laughing Buddha can also boost creativity and help induce a positive mindset.

Imagine a cross between a laid-back Buddha and a creative, chill, reggae artist. That’s how this strain is likely to make you feel.

Users often seek out this strain for mood enhancement, increased energy, and stress relief.

Laugh Yourself Self Silly With Super Lemon Haze

Do you love lemon as much as you love to laugh? If so, Super Lemon Haze might be the strain for you.

Super Lemon Haze is a cross between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. This sativa-dominant hybrid has an intense lemony flavor and aroma.

The high? Super cerebral.

Cerebral highs are some of the best for stimulating the urge to laugh. The laughter reflex lives in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain. As we said earlier, THC can reduce the urge to hold back laughter.

Besides this, it can also trigger an increase in dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin release is associated with feelings of happiness, ease, and calm. All of this is the perfect recipe for laughter.

But, if you really want to get a case of the giggles, you also don’t want to be too mellowed out. Have you ever tried a strain that left you so relaxed that all you could do was sink into the sofa?

These effects are usually associated with indica-dominant strains. If you’re in the mood to laugh, you want a strain that will lower stress levels, while also offering cerebral stimulation.

Banish the Blues With Blue Dream

If you want to wave bye-bye to the blues, say hello to this Haze Blueberry cross.

Blue Deam has gained acclaim for its beautifully balanced effects, which strike a perfect happy medium between relaxation and euphoria. It’s buzzy, but not hypey. Relaxing, without sucking you into the couch.

Blue Dream is an indica-sativa hybrid, that gives just enough cerebral high to get you laughing, and just enough body high to make you feel at ease.

Besides being uplifting and likely to trigger the giggles, Blue Dream is also known for enhancing creativity.

We stock Blue Dream Delta 8 in disposable vape form.

All Aboard the Laughter Train With Pineapple Express

Want to feel the joy of uncontrollable laughter? Then it’s time to take a ride on the Pineapple Express train.

Pineapple Express isn’t a train, it’s a strain, but it’s guaranteed to yield a smooth ride.

This well-known hybrid is most famous for its fruity, tropical aroma. Rumored to be a cross between Hawaiian strains and Trainwreck, Pineapple Express offers great balance.

Besides inducing relaxation, it can also be energizing and uplifting, stimulating creativity and focus, with a good dash of euphoria mixed in.

Users also report feeling sociable, talkative, outgoing, and engaging.

If you want to be the life of the party and laugh to your heart’s content, Pineapple Express Delta 8 products are a great selection.

delta 8 strain

Bust Into Giggles With Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is a very peaceful strain, that tends to produce an easygoing, light-hearted high.

This strain is probably going to give you a mild case of couch lock, but not so much that you’re past the point of laughter. Instead, you’re likely to feel relaxed, slightly lazy, but also bubbly and playful.

If you want to bust into giggles and not experience couch lock, we’d definitely recommend you purchase our Delta 8 Bubble Gum disposable vape to test out the effects.

Like we said earlier, Delta 8 products are ideal if you want to reduce the chance of couch lock. Why? Because Delta 8 leaves you clear-headed, which is perfect if you want to enjoy a good joke.

Cackle With Green Crack

Don’t worry, Green Crack doesn’t have anything to do with cocaine or any other illicit drug. But there is a chance it will make you cackle.

No one knows for sure how the name came about, but the strain itself is a good indication. Green Crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s known for being highly invigorating.

If you’re low on energy and want to be the life of the party, sativa-dominant strains are a good option.

Sativa-dominant strains like Green Crack aren’t always known for inducing laughter. As we outlined above, this is usually the domain of the more balanced hybrids that give both a body and a head high.

Strong sativas tend to promote too much alertness and mental stimulation. Instead of letting go in easy laughter, you’re much more likely to be engaged in an in-depth conversation, or caught in a flurry of ideas for a new project.

But, this doesn’t mean you won’t start belly-laughing from a sativa strain.

Everyone’s chemistry is a little different. Although Green Crack isn’t famous for triggering uncontrollable laughter, some people find it makes just about any situation funny.

Cookie Kush Will Make You Chuckle

What if Girl Scout Cookies and Kush had a baby? Well, they did. And it’s bound to launch you into laughter land.

Girl Scout Cookies is an incredible hybrid, perfectly riding the line between the easy relaxation of an indica and the mental stimulation of a sativa.

Kush is king for pain relief and relaxation. Some kush strains also offer euphoric effects and even promote focus.

Blended together, cookies and kush makes a powerhouse combo. Effects lean towards serious mental and physical relaxation, but without being heavily sedative.

Cookie Kush typically produces an uptick in mood and creativity, while being calming.

This isn’t the strain to send you into fits of elated laughter, but if you’re after a mellow chuckle, Cookie Kush could be perfect.

Let Out Peels of Laughter With Fruity Pebbles

Do you want to feel warm, fuzzy, and buzzy, all at once? The Fruity Pebbles Delta 8 strain offers the perfect blend of body and head high.

Users often report a great mental buzz, while also experiencing a reduction in mental stress and depressed thoughts.

This combination of relaxation in the body, stress release, and mental stimulation can create the perfect setting to let forth peels of laughter. If you want a high that brings out the funny side of life, fruity pebbles is your friend.

Let Your Chuckles Loose With Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a potent OG cannabis strain. Often described as a “two-hit-and-quit” cultivar, Northern Lights will leave you lying on the couch ready to nod off into la-la land after too many tokes.

But, if you do the right dose, this strain can also get you giggling like nobody’s business.

If you choose a Delta 8 Northern Lights vape, you’re even more likely to start guffawing. Why? As we said above, Delta 8 usually offers gentler, smoother effects.

This can help ward off excessive body highs that leave you feeling like the dope that didn’t get the joke.

Chortle With Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a potent hybrid descended from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Super strong and high in terps, Wedding Cake quickly takes effect to create deep relaxation in the body while uplifting the mind.

This is a good strain for relaxing at home or watching movies on the weekend. The best part? It will probably get you into a giggly haze.

Snicker on Zkittles

Zkittles is another killer strain that’s pretty much perfect if you want to kick back, unwind, and let out some laughs, either with friends or at your favorite comedy series.

Our Zkittles Delta 8 disposable vape is even more likely to get you laughing than the straight flower. Why? Because we turned it into a sativa dominant strain instead of following its indica history.

As a result, you get to enjoy all of the strain-specific terpenes, with an added mental buzz from the extra sativa influence.

Bonus Strains to Try if You Want to Feel Wry: Durban Poison and Chemdawg

We’ve given you a relatively long list of Delta 8 strains to try if you want to feel wry. As an added bonus, here are two more that could get you giggling.

Durban Poison is an old-school classic that produces some nice mood-boosting, uplifting effects that can leave you giggly and euphoric.

Chemdawg is another cult favorite that can cure even the most uptight mindset. Backcrossed at infinitum to reach the original, this granddaddy strain is sure to get you going at the slightest joke.

Which Delta 8 Strain Will Make You Laugh the Most?

Here’s the thing with strains and laughing. Everyone’s body is different, and strains that might send some people into fits of laughter might leave others unamused. Because of this, it’s hard to say for sure which strain is guaranteed to make you laugh the most.

The best way to find the ultimate strain for getting giggly is by trial and error. Fortunately, trying out new Delta 8 strains isn’t a chore.

What’s more, Delta 8 products offer a reliable, repeatable experience. Once you’ve found a Delta 8 strain that works for you, you can expect similar results every time you vape.

With flower, effects can depend on a lot of variable factors, from phenotype expression to cultivation and storage.

Lit Vapes: Your Ultimate Delta 8 Strain Destination

If you’re looking to laugh, these are some of the best Delta 8 strains to test drive. Keep in mind, not everyone reacts the same way to different strains, so you might need to do some experimentation before you land on the strain that really gets you giggling.

Ready to shop for Delta 8 vapes?

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