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The Ultimate Guide to Storing Delta-8

storing delta-8

While delta-8 products might have a standard shelf life of around two years, many factors could affect this both up and down. After all, much like the food in your home, there are bad ways of storing delta-8 that might lead to it degrading faster than others. With this in mind, what are some of the best practices to help you store delta-8 long-term?

The following tips teach you how to store delta-8 so it is always available for you at its freshest. So, read through and think about what you can do to upgrade your current storage solutions.

What Factors Affect Delta-8’s Freshness?

Delta-8 products can often start to degrade in many different circumstances. Several things lead to a reduction in the freshness of the product, the potency of the delta-8, or even the safety of it. On top of that, you should understand that, depending on what form your delta-8 takes, different things could have more of an impact.

For example, if your delta-8 products come in the form of gummies, these use ingredients that break down in different ways from a concentrate. They may even, in the right circumstances, attract flies, molds, or even ants that could contaminate your product and drive you to throw it out.

Some of the most common things that could cause a breakdown of your delta-8 include:

  • Large amounts of UV light
  • High and low temperatures
  • Direct exposure to water
  • Extremes in humidity
  • Overexposure to oxygen
  • External contamination

By reducing the likelihood of delta-8’s exposure to each of these, you are more likely to ensure the product has a much longer lifespan.

Keep It Cool

One of the best storing tips we can offer for delta-8 is to always ensure you keep the product in a temperature-controlled environment. This might be something as simple as an air-conditioned room, or if you have a cool basement or similar room in your home, you could try storing it there.

If there are areas of your home that are likely to face extremes of temperature change, such as a window or door, keep the delta-8 away from there.

In general, you want to keep the product between around 60°F and 70°F, much like room temperature. This ensures that it remains at a similar heat at all times and does not overheat or start to chill too much.

If you are in a very warm climate, you might want to consider chilling the delta-8 until you wish to use it to help it last as long as possible. Though, we would warn you to check the product’s information or packaging first. Not all delta-8 products will continue to be as effective after you do this, and it may even affect the container itself.

storing delta-8

Use an Airtight Container

One of the major problems with any opened product is the introduction of air to the delta-8, which can dry it out or introduce contaminants. If you want your delta-8 to remain safe over a long period, you must keep as much air as possible away from it.

First of all, you should consider buying a container that you can seal, so that no oxygen can circulate in or out of it. Good examples of these might be food-grade containers such as those made of Pyrex or silicon. Classic “Tupperware” containers with airtight lids also work well for this purpose.

You could even go out and buy several glass jars. These almost always form a tight seal when you screw the lid on and are not very expensive.

Before you use any new container, make sure to clean it well with mild detergent and warm water. This will remove any dirt or mold that may affect your product. Also, ensure you dry it properly to reduce the moisture on the inside.

If you worry about the oxygen already inside the container, you could always invest in some oxygen-absorbing packets. These might be overkill, as there will only be so much oxygen in the container as it is, but they might set your mind at ease.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even invest in a vacuum sealer. While this will not allow you easy access several times, it will work well if you want to buy a lot of delta-8 and then store it properly for later use.

Ensure It Stays Dry

As well as preventing access to oxygen, you should make sure the product you store is not placed in a wet or humid area. Any moisture that interacts with delta-8 products could end up encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. It might also saturate the product itself, meaning its texture will change to one you are unlikely to enjoy as much.

If you have a dedicated storage location for your delta-8, consider investing in a dehumidifier. This will sap the water out of the space’s air, creating a safer environment for delta-8.

One thing you also want to be careful of is condensation. One of the big reasons why consistent temperature is important is because a sudden change in warmth can cause water to appear on cold surfaces. You should either slowly change the temperature in an area with delta-8 in it over time, or keep the product in a heat-regulated environment.

Much like oxygen-absorption packs, you could also look into buying some moisture-absorbing products. You often see these packed with electronics or other items with the words “Do not eat” on them. They will absorb moisture in the air, so using them in sealed containers keeps the inside free from potential water contamination.

Keep It Out of the Light

Ultraviolet (UV) light is harmful to products such as delta-8. This is because of a process called “photo-oxidation”, where the light increases how likely the chemical is to react with the oxygen around it. Such reactions can impact the taste, texture, or even the potency of delta-8 products and should be avoided.

We have several storing tips related to delta-8 in this regard. They include:

Use Opaque Containers

By doing little more than stopping all sunlight from hitting the delta-8, you can ensure it is not affected at all by UV rays. By using containers such as dark glass, or non-transparent plastic, you can stop most of the light from passing into the inside. You could even use materials without any transparency at all if you wanted to go the extra mile.

One of the other benefits of using such containers is their flexibility. You can often stack them, or place them in storage for long periods knowing they will prevent access by insects or other creatures. You could even place these containers into a freezer or other chilled area, bearing in mind previous temperature advice.

Store the Delta-8 in Dark Rooms

If you do not have a plethora of opaque boxes, you could instead use a dark room. This will reduce the risk of any intense light impacting the delta-8. This includes that which might come from bulbs or other artificial sources.

When you choose a location, make sure it has consistent darkness. There is little point in trying to keep your product safe, only for people to keep opening bright doors. Another alternative is to use a safe or dark box that people are unlikely to open for any reason.

Another boon to these rooms is that they are often cooler than others in the same building. This helps you prevent the THC from experiencing extremes of temperature. When you do have to open the area, though, do so as fast as possible, minimizing the time spent with the delta-8 on display.

storing delta-8

Investigate the Use of UV-Blocking Bags

These bags exist to ensure their contents do not receive any UV light. Much like opaque containers, you can place the delta-8 in them and stop any chemical change in the product.

Their main benefit over other opaque containers, though, is their portability. While boxes and similar containers can often stack, bags are wrappable and can fit into smaller areas. Their lightweight nature means you can place them into a simple pocket or bag, and even secrete them on your person should you need to.

Never Take Your Delta-8 Into Direct Sunlight

As we have discussed, delta-8 can start to break down when exposed to direct sunlight. This is not the only negative, though.

Because of the powerful nature of sunlight, it can also heat your product at the same time. This combination of UV light and heat acts as a force multiplier, meaning the THC will become far less enjoyable in a very short space of time. So, make sure if you do take it out to use in the direct sun, try to be careful or keep it in a pocket when you can.

Prevent the Introduction of Impurities

If your delta-8 contains additional chemicals, then not only will it degrade, but it may even be dangerous to use. As such, you should make a concerted effort to handle the chemical carefully to avoid introducing dirt or other contaminants to it.

Do not place the delta-8 close to chemicals such as cleaning agents or other strong or caustic items. The last thing you want is for small drops of such liquids to fall on your THC.

If you use any other substances, you should ensure you store them in separate containers. This will prevent you from accidentally combining them and having an experience you did not plan for.

If you dab or vape delta-8, make sure you give it a thorough clean every now and then. This will prevent it from gathering up dust or other debris that might interfere with your use of THC.

How to Work Out If Your Delta-8 Is Spoiled

There are a few ways to determine if the delta-8 might be spoiled, although the most useful one is to check the expiry date on the package. If you buy your delta-8 products from a reputable seller, they should have clear information on when they are likely to start to degrade. Be aware of this and use the information to engage in safe THC experiences.

Also, check the appearance and smell of the delta-8 before you use it. If it looks darker or smells different, there is a chance it has started to oxidize. You should also be aware of its taste during use, and if it starts to change, investigate what could cause that before you continue.

Cleaning Out Mold

One of the last things people want to find is anything growing in their product. If this occurs, the first thing you should do is remove it from the rest of your collection. As mold can spread without difficulty, keep it away from anything else that might also host it.

Make sure to also inspect any of your other delta-8, or foodstuffs nearby. You want to make sure the area is clear of any mold before you introduce potential vectors of infection back into the area.

What If Your Delta-8 Is Contaminated?

If this is the case, stop using delta-8 immediately. If you believe it was already contaminated when you bought it, then keep hold of the packaging and return it to the store. If not, inspect the location where you stored it to try to work out what went wrong so that you can prevent such incidents in the future.

You should then replace the product with more delta-8 so you can continue to enjoy it moving forward.

Help Storing Delta-8

All the above tips should help you regarding storing delta-8. Still, you want to be sure your product is the freshest as soon as it comes out of the store. We want to help you with this.

We offer premium THC products that ensure you get the highest quality experience. Our storage is even designed to make sure none of the stock suffers some of the experiences discussed, so you can get the best product possible. So, check out our shop and buy delta-8 from us today.