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How to Smoke a Dab Syringe: A Complete Guide

how to smoke dab syringe

Using cannabinoid concentrates instead of other types of THC has reached almost 10% of total use in the U.S. as of 2021. One of the main ways to use this chemical is through the use of a dab syringe to inhale the concentrates after you heat them. If you want to get involved in this activity, do you first know how to smoke a dab syringe?

Lucky for you, this article can help you out. Below, we list many of the facts related to dabbing, including how to do it with a syringe. As you read through, you can learn everything you need to know about the practice, and by the end, you should be an expert at the activity.

What Is Dabbing?

This has nothing to do with the Usain Bolt-inspired craze. Dabbing in this case is a way to inhale vaporized cannabis concentrates without causing harm to yourself.

For a start, we should define cannabis concentrates.

These are pure forms of the ingredients found in cannabis. When extracted, one can create a product made from nothing much more than the active ingredient in the cannabis plant, THC. It even exists in many different forms, depending on what people combine with it and how they prepare it.

Now we know that, on to dabbing.

Dabbing is when you heat a small amount of the above concentrate. This occurs on a hot surface, after which one inhales the resulting vapor.

Before it enters the lungs, the vapor passes through a filtration system which usually consists of water. Because of this process, the vapor will cool and have lost a small number of impurities. This works in much the same way a bong filters cannabis products.

The act of dabbing is often thought of as a way to take a much more powerful “hit” of cannabis. Concentrates have a much higher number of THC molecules than taking THC in other ways, such as with edibles or smoking the cannabis plant. A much smaller quantity of the concentrate can be equal in some cases to huge amounts of a processed flower.

On top of this, dabbing is often less odorous than smoking traditional cannabis, and less recognizable. Thus, it is growing in popularity among people who wish to take this action in secret for any reason.

Dabbing Warnings

If you wish to get involved with dabbing, you should be aware it can be a much stronger experience than other methods for imbibing THC. This is even more true if you have never taken any form of cannabis product before. As such, ensure you have the correct equipment and surround yourself with trusted peers when you have this experience to avoid danger.

Despite everything we know about dabbing, it is still a new act in the USA, especially compared to the traditional act of smoking cannabis or vaping. Research is ongoing, and the practice is still illegal in many states. Do plenty of research and check the practice is legal in the area you wish to do it in before you start.

What Is a Dab Syringe?

If you intend to start dabbing, you will want to measure out the concentrate to ensure you have the best experience.

A dab syringe is a syringe, much like a medical one, but instead of a sharp end, it has a blunt depositor. Within the syringe is a pre-measured amount of concentrate. Using the syringe, you can check you apply a specific amount of it to the heated surface, or “nail,” of the dab equipment.

This way, you will use too much or too little concentrate. It gives you complete control over the situation.

Who Should Dab?

Dabbing is appealing to many people. This is because it not only has a powerful effect on many people, but it is also a very efficient and often cheap way of taking cannabis.

Despite this, not everybody’s life is compatible with taking these chemicals in this form.

Because of the power of the “hit” of cannabis concentrate, it is not recommended for those who are new to taking such chemicals. On top of this, if someone has a history of negative effects when taking cannabis, using a concentrate is likely to exacerbate those issues.

For example, if someone has a high level of anxiety, or often has panic attacks, they should leave a dab syringe well enough alone.

Before you even consider how to dab, you should also be aware of your own health needs. If you smoke a dab while you have sensitive lungs or any other breathing issues, you may find yourself in trouble. At the same time, if you are someone with an addictive personality, you should think about if using a psychoactive substance would be a good idea.

In general, we would recommend that the only people who should investigate dabbing are those who have experience in THC use. These people are much more likely to understand their limits and have full knowledge of the laws involved. Thus, they are less likely to use the chemical if it would be illegal to do so.

Of course, we would still recommend these people talk to a doctor before taking on any new THC products. This will ensure there are no other concerns they should be aware of.

If you are new to using THC, you could instead try other options, such as disposable vapes. This option is a better and cheaper entry point into the activity.

What Equipment Do You Need to Dab?

The first thing you should do before you start to dab with a syringe is to get together all the items you will need.

This will include:

Dab rig. A type of water pipe designed for smoking cannabis concentrates. It has a small joint into which one can insert the nail (below).

Nail. This is the surface one places the oil concentrate on and could be made of many different materials, such as quartz or titanium. During the process of using concentrate, one heats the nail to several hundred degrees.

Torch. This is a simple blowtorch.

Concentrate. You will need the chemical you wish to dab with, which usually comes in a concentrated form. More recently, this is often a delta-8 extract due to the popularity of this chemical on the THC scene.

Dab tool. This is what you will use to place the THC concentrate on the nail. These are often made of metal, but can also comprise glass or other materials, and may be of any shape or size.

If you are dabbing with a syringe, you will need the syringe with you. This may be your dab tool. These are most often pre-packaged products with an exact amount of oil in them.

How to Smoke a Dab Syringe

The next thing you need is to start smoking the dab. There are several steps to this process, so make sure you follow them to have the best experience.

Assemble the Dab Rig

Before you start dab smoking, you need to put the apparatus together. Dab smokers usually keep these in the same location and well-maintained, so if they are new to you make sure they are clean before you start.

Connect the nail to the rig. First, you must attach the nail to the dab ring’s nail joint. You must make sure it is secure before continuing to avoid mishaps should it slip out.

If the nail does not fit, make sure you have a nail and a dab with the right kind of connectors. These are often called “male” and “female” connectors. Chances are high you can work out why.

Fill the base. You must then put enough water into the dab rig’s base to ensure the vapor will travel through it. You will need to check the joint of the nail is underwater, but do not fill too much as water may travel further up the rig than necessary.

This water should be clean and, if possible, filtered to remove any impurities and take any possible flavor out of the water.

Keep this water at room temperature, as you do not want the vapor to condense too fast, but you do want it to condense.

Heat the Nail

Of all the dab products you buy, the nail is going to receive the harshest punishment. You need to heat it to around 300-600°F. This will mean it is hot enough to vaporize the concentrate but not burn it.

Depending on the material you choose for the nail, it may cool down faster or slower. Practice with the nail you have to ensure you understand its rate of conduction.

Add the Concentrate

At this point, you should allow the nail to cool a little. By doing this, you will make sure the concentrate does not burn when it first hits its surface. Then, once you are confident it is safe to do so, use the dab tool (in this case, the syringe) to place a small amount of concentrate on the nail.

How much you use is up to you. Putting cannabis on dabs can often be more of an art than a science, so experiment with different amounts until you find what is good for you. Always start with a small amount, then start to increase it as you become more confident with your tolerance and your use of the equipment.

When you handle the syringe, you should take care. The concentrate within the syringe may be an oil combined with the original product, or it might be a sticky honey-like substance.

If it is the stickier version, make sure you have wipes or other tools around to remove it from your fingers. Or, you can use a separate tool to be more precise in handling it.

In general, be aware some concentrates may be harder to handle. Much like learning about how much you can take while remaining comfortable, start slow with the syringe so you do avoid making a mistake.

Inhale the Concentrate

Next comes the fun part.

If your nail has a cap, place it on there, and start to inhale through the rig.

Start slow, and take in a steady breath through the rig as the concentrate starts to vaporize, and ensure you take in as much as possible. Though, do not inhale too fast as this might cause the vapor to be too hot as it hits your throat.

Then, wait and see how it affects you. You do not want to take in too much, too fast, so wait a few minutes to see how you feel before you try again. You may decide that is enough for one day, or you might want a stronger hit before you stop.

The choice is yours.

Cleaning Up the Dab Syringe

After you finish dabbing, you will want to check the nail is both cool and clean. This will ensure you can use the device again in the future and its flavor will not have the taint of an old concentrate on it.

Let the Nail Cool

When you finish, wait for the nail to cool down before touching it. How long this takes will depend on the quality and material of the nail. After a few times, you will have plenty of practice with the amount of time you need to wait.

Clean the Nail and Dab Tool

When it has cooled down all the way, use a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab to clean the nail of any remaining concentrate. You should read your nail’s instructions or package for more information on which other cleaning materials to use.

Also, clean the dab tool. This will ensure it also is not tarnished with old concentrate. You can often do this using warm water and a little bit of soap, or some alcohol, and a cotton swab for smaller details.

Then, store the dab in a safe place for next time.

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