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How Much Does Delta-8 Cost? An Overview

Delta-8 cost

Most users of delta-8 THC report they do so to treat one or more health conditions, such as anxiety or depression. This is a huge number of people who have a medical requirement for the chemical and might wish to gather larger quantities to keep up with their needs. So, how much would this cost?

Below, we illuminate readers on the costs of delta-8. The cost is set by the industry, so as you read through, you will also learn more about the production process and why delta-8 might have a wide range of prices. By the end of the article, you should have a good idea of how the delta-8 industry works and how it might get more expensive in the future.

How Much Is Delta-8 Per Gram?

While it might sound disappointing to hear, nobody can give you a simple number for how much one gram of delta-8 THC will cost you. The delta-8 price at any specific store will depend on a large number of factors. These include the source of the product, as well as the quality of the resulting delta-8 you might buy.

On top of this, you can expect the extraction and purification processes to affect how much one gram of delta-8 will cost you. Of course, then there is the simple fact shops will charge whatever people are willing to pay. so the demand for the chemical will also factor into its final price.

Last of all, when delta-8 becomes legal, the cost of delta-8 goes up. This is because of more legal costs when the government chooses to regulate the sale of a product.

As of the time of writing, the cost of delta-8 is still in the range of $10 per gram. Though this is not an exact number, you can expect to see delta-8 costs at anywhere between $5 per gram to $20 per gram. By the time you read this, the cost of delta-8 may have changed even more.

The delta-8 market is still very new. Delta-8 concentrates have only become popular in the past few years. As such, expect this number to change over time as the market for it matures.

Where Is There Such a Range of Prices?

One cannot put a specific nail in any one reason why delta-8 products can be so disparate in their prices. Several different factors cause this, more than those summarized above:

Basic Economics

Delta-8 THC is a new product compared to more traditional cannabis. Much like when marijuana became legal in many areas and the cost of weed needed time to stabilize, delta-8 will also take time to do the same.

Many companies need to still perform research on the amount of demand they are likely to receive for the product. Once they start marketing it more, this need will increase severalfold to ensure they know they are receiving a high RoI on the advertising.

With its sudden popularity, we have seen the demand for delta-8 start to increase, and as such, the price has shot up to match that. Should this demand reach a plateau or start to fall, you might see the price decrease as its perceived worth goes down.

On top of this, many companies are still wary about delta-8. Some retailers are increasing their prices as an insurance policy against legal issues. If it becomes illegal to sell delta-8, they may lose all their product, and so they need to have built up enough money to withstand such a hit.

Extraction Methods

One of the major causes for increasing delta-8 costs at the point of sale is the method by which they extract and process the chemical. A higher-purity product will need very specific or expensive equipment. As such, you will often discover stronger products are likely to see a higher price.

At present, one of the most popular extraction methods is through using a solvent to pick up the THC. It then transfers from processing equipment to a collector.

After this, the process heats the solvent until it evaporates, leaving the THC behind, though the process can use the solvent again and again. Two of the most popular solvents for this purpose are ethanol and CO2, both of which have low boiling points, allowing for fast extraction.

This extraction process is common enough that it does not increase the cost of production by much. You can expect a vast array of products you find in a shop to have undergone solvent-based extraction.

More expensive methods include distillation. This is when, after the cannabinoids are all removed from the plant using solvents, the process heats them to boiling point.

Different cannabinoids will evaporate at different temperatures. So, you can know which chemicals are coming out of the crude cannabinoid oil at any time. You then chill them in a condenser to return each cannabinoid to its liquid state.

This is not an exact method, as a large quantity of crude cannabinoid oil is hard to heat at the same rate throughout. As such, you are likely to pass it through this process several times to purify the product further. Thus, the more times it passes through, the purer the product but the more expensive it also is.

Production Overhead

After the above extraction methods, more purifying processes must occur. After these, you can expect to see laboratory testing to ensure the product is safe to consume. These will all add to the final price.

Last, you must add the cost of packaging and labeling any product that will go on store shelves. How much this will cost depends on the final product produced. Some may even need specific packaging due to legal requirements, and as such these costs pass on to the user.

With all the above factors and the variability of each, you can see how delta-8 might cost anything in a wide range. You can expect the cheaper products to be less pure and of worse packaging quality. At the other end of the scale, high-end delta-8 will have positive lab results for its quality and appear like a premium product.

The Exact Product In Question

The production process of extracting and purifying leads to a concentrated delta-8 chemical. Manufacturers can then use this for many different purposes.

At this point, they could sell it as it is, but many people do not want concentrated delta-8 and prefer other ways of imbibing it. Some of the examples of these are as follows, each of which increases the price further:

Vapes. Vape cartridges and the distillate they contain are often very pure due to the fact they enter the body via the lungs. On top of this, they are often in very high demand due to the proliferation of vape pens or disposable vapes in the United States.

These reasons tend to mean that the price per gram of delta-8 in these products is on the more expensive side, but for good reason.

Oil tinctures. Oils with extract suspended in them are not too expensive to make. While they do need the oil itself, you can often find tinctures at the bottom of the price list when it comes to delta-8 products.

Edibles. Edibles are much more expensive to create than tinctures. One must not only mix the concentrate with other ingredients but there are also several extra steps involved.

Extra testing must occur related to checking the products taste good, and remain safe in transit. They also sometimes need cooking or other preparation steps.

Topicals. While adding the extract to a topical is an easy step, some things do get in the way. You need to make sure the delta-8 emulsifies and mixes well with other ingredients, for example. Also, you need some very expensive ingredients to finish the production process.

While they are not the most expensive product on this list, you can expect them to not be cheap.

Varying Purity of Delta-8

As mentioned before, the purity of the delta-8 can have a large impact on how expensive it is to buy. Though, what factors can affect its purity?

As discussed earlier, the more the product undergoes distilling, the more it will comprise only delta-8 and nothing else. The more times it runs through the distillation process, the more cost the manufacturer must pay, and the more expensive the product is.

At the same time, any refinement process must remove all chemicals that might be dangerous to the user. If the cannabis plant was near heavy metals, pesticides, or mold, for example, it will be more expensive to remove them. Thus, using pesticides for a healthier cannabis crop can impact every stage of the delta-8 creation process.

You can often find the purity of a delta-8 product by discussing it with the seller. They will either have lab reports available or be able to inform you where to get them. Do not trust retailers who cannot tell you the purity of their product, as they may be hiding something from you.

Strong Branding

Of course, any manufacturer will want to sell as many products as possible. To this end, they will often spend a lot of money on market, hoping to recoup that through sales. Of course, this marketing will then hit their bottom line unless they increase the price of their delta-8 products.

The thinking by companies is that by marketing it, people will have a perception the product is either high-quality or a luxury item they need. When this happens, people are often more likely to accept any price increase.

Legality Per State

With delta-8’s entry into the market, many companies are watching its legal status with bated breath. Several states have already moved to have delta-8 classed as an illegal substance, in others, there are strict regulations.

Such regulations can end up affecting the price of a product. This is because retailers and producers must ensure they follow the guidelines at every step. As delta-8’s position becomes more clear, there will also likely be licensing fees and taxes which are often then passed on to the user.

Inspections of premises are often also to blame for rising costs. The company must often pay for an inspection, and the manufacturing of the product will sometimes slow as this process occurs.

Where to Find the Best Delta-8 Deals

With so many different prices out there, you will want to ensure you get the best deal possible. As such, you might want to research the following places to find somewhere that suits your needs and budget:

Online Sellers

Many online dispensaries can offer both low prices as well as ongoing deals for specific products. Checking out different online stores is also a very fast process.


You might be able to visit a wholesaler and pick up delta-8 in bulk. Though this will be expensive as there is a minimum stock sale for many products, and sometimes you cannot do this if you are not in retail yourself.

Local Stores

You could always walk into a physical location and build up a rapport with the seller. Still, this will take time out of your day, and you will have to do the footwork to find the one you prefer.

How to Make Sure Delta-8 Is Good Quality

Now you understand what steps people take to ensure their delta-8 is high quality and why that costs a lot. You likely want to know that when you buy something it will be worth it.

What we would recommend you do is look for lab reports. Reputable retailers will have a good amount of data available to their customers. This means the buyers can make the best decisions possible when it comes to buying delta-8.

If you are unsure what you are looking for, your delta-8 seller should have the ability to talk over the reports and what they should mean to you. You can then analyze them yourself moving forward.

Where to Buy With a Low Delta-8 Cost

With the above information, you should have a much better understanding of why delta-8 would cost as much as it does. With a better understanding of the situation, you might have an interest in delta-8 products yourself. This is where we come in.

We have plenty of simple vapes to help you take your first step into the world of delta-8. All you need to do is visit our shop and you should find everything you need to start your journey.