Delta 8

How Many Delta 8 Gummies Do You Eat?

how many Delta 8 gummies do you eat

Whether you’re new to hemp products or you’ve enjoyed them for a while, it’s always exciting when a new product hits the market, such as Delta-8.

Technically known as Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol, this is a psychoactive compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. While there are a few different ways to enjoy it, including vaping, today we’re focusing on one method in particular: gummies.

Enjoyed alone, with a few friends, or in a crowd, Delta-8 gummies are a delicious and convenient way to unwind and recharge. Yet, it’s important to know how they work.

How many Delta 8 gummies do you eat to feel the desired effects? Today, we’re taking a closer look at Delta-8 dosing and sharing the guidelines you need to know.

What Is Delta 8?

Put simply, Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid. In all, researchers have identified more than 100 cannabinoids in the Cannabis sativa plant to date. Some, like Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC, are psychoactive while others, such as cannabidiol (CBD), are not.

While it does grow naturally in the plant, it’s only available in trace amounts. To produce enough for mass consumption, manufacturers synthetically create Delta-8 in a laboratory setting. Most companies create it as a byproduct from either CBD or Delta-9 THC.

When people talk about smoking weed or getting high, they’re typically referring to ingesting Delta-9 THC. This is the cannabinoid that grows most abundantly in the Cannabis sativa plant, known to deliver some pretty intense euphoric effects, along with not-so-great feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and panic.

While Delta-8 is similar in terms of chemical makeup, it isn’t quite as potent as Delta-9. Specifically, these two substances differ in the placement of their double-bonded carbons. It might sound like a small difference, but it transforms Delta-8 into a milder and more gentle cannabinoid than Delta-9.

Yet, that’s exactly why it’s so popular and well-loved.

While it’s known to deliver the experiential effects of Delta-9 such as feelings of pain relief, relaxation, and euphoria, Delta-8 is less likely to lead to adverse side effects or reactions. If you love feeling high but you hate feeling paranoid, it could be an ideal alternative.

How Potent Is It?

When we say Delta-8 is less potent than Delta-9, that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. In fact, this cannabinoid can be extremely potent and powerful when taken in the correct dosage.

To get technical, the aforementioned difference in double-bonded carbon placement makes Delta-8 about half as strong as Delta-9. This is why you can’t follow your usual Delta-9 dosing requirements when enjoying Delta-8 THC products, including gummies.

In addition to potency variations, there’s another reason why you need to approach each THC product as its own entity, rather than applying universal dosing standards across the board. Each one has its own, unique molecular strength.

This means that it interacts with the receptors in your body in a specific way, bringing about different effects. This helps explain why some cannabinoids elicit euphoric effects while others (such as CBD) do not.

If you want to experience an elevation in your mood, along with manageable feelings of elation and euphoria, Delta-8 gummies can help you get there. However, it’s important to understand that those effects will not be as powerful as the ones you’re used to experiencing on Delta-9.

how many Delta 8 gummies do you eat

Finding Your Ideal Dosage

As with any type of THC product, finding your perfect Delta-8 dosage may take a little time. There isn’t a universal dosing guide that will work perfectly and apply to everyone.

In fact, there are a few key factors that will directly influence the number of Delta-8 gummies that you can safely and enjoyably take. These include:

  • The concentration of the Delta-8 gummies you choose
  • Your weight, body makeup, and genetic predisposition
  • Your general tolerance to cannabis products
  • The number and type of different cannabinoids and terpenes present in the gummies (if any)

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

Delta-8 Concentration

It only takes one internet search or a trip through a dispensary to realize that Delta-8 products can vary greatly in terms of their strength and concentration. Most of the time, this will be measured in milligrams and clearly displayed on the product’s packaging. You should be able to easily see the amount of Delta-8 THC in one gummy as well as the full amount contained in the entire pack.

For instance, take a look at our Delta-8 Gummies Party Pack. In the product description, we state that the total dosage is 500mg of Delta-8 THC, and the amount in one serving/gummy is 25mg. You can do some simple math to find out there are 25 gummies in each pack.

While 25mg is a common concentration, you can find Delta-8 gummies that are both weaker and stronger. For example, some might contain as much as 50mg per serving.

Weight, Body Makeup, and Genetic Predisposition

There are certain bodily factors that make some people more sensitive to cannabis products than others. One of those is genetics, and the other is physical composition.

Your unique genetic makeup will help shape the way that Delta-8 interacts in your body. You might find that you have a high tolerance while your friend or roommate can take much less to achieve the same effects, simply because your relatives and ancestors are different.

In addition to genetics, your weight and body size also play a role. Individuals with a higher percentage of fat in their bodies may require a greater amount of Delta-8 than others.

General Cannabis Tolerance

Tolerance is built over time. If you’ve been taking cannabis products (in any form) for a while, then you can more easily accommodate and handle a larger amount of the substance than someone who’s brand-new to it.

Likewise, an experienced Delta-8 user will have a much different reaction to the cannabinoid than someone who’s only taken CBD or hasn’t tried any type of cannabis product whatsoever.

As you develop a tolerance to Delta-8, you may find that you need to gradually increase your intake to achieve the same desired effects. For instance, while one gummy might have sent you straight into a state of euphoria on your first experience, it might take two to recreate that experience a few months later.

This helps explain why regular cannabinoid users require higher concentrations of Delta-8 THC than others.

Different Cannabinoids and Terpenes

In addition to Delta-8 THC, the pack of gummies you purchase may also contain other types of cannabinoids, as well as terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that affect how cannabis plants smell. They are also present in many other kinds of plants, herbs, and fruits.

In terms of cannabinoids, the specific formula and makeup of the product can affect the way it makes you feel, as well as how much of it you need to take. For example, some cannabis products may combine varying amounts of the following types of THC:

  • Delta-8 THC
  • Delta-9 THC
  • Delta-10 THC

In addition, the manufacturer could also add other cannabinoids into the mix, such as HHC and THC-O. You can learn more about these two substances, including their similarities and differences, in this recent post. If you enjoy the effects of using Delta-8 alone, then you may want to try these formulas to decide if the blend is what you prefer.

While cannabinoids can vary from one product to the next, so can terpenes. These give the plant its aromatic appeal, but their effect is more than just olfactory.

Different terpenes can also trigger different physiological effects, too. For instance, certain ones may elevate your mood while others provide calming stress relief. Be sure to read the ingredients list carefully on any pack of Delta-8 gummies that you buy. While there’s nothing wrong with including other cannabinoids and terpenes in the formula, this is information that you need to know before enjoying them.

How Many Delta 8 Gummies Do You Eat? A Dosing Guide

As we’ve mentioned, there isn’t a universally-approved Delta 8 dosage guide that will apply to everyone. The factors above will be unique to each person, so we can’t recommend that everyone take the same amount each time.

However, there are some general rules that you can follow to help discover the dosage that works for you. Let’s take a look.

Start Low and Go Slow

Especially if you’re new to Delta-8 THC, we always recommend taking a low dose and giving your body plenty of time to react to it. If you begin with half of a gummy and aren’t feeling anything after five minutes, don’t fret!

It can take a while for your body to process cannabis edibles, including gummies. This is because they have to travel through your digestive system and liver before they can enter your bloodstream. If you want a much quicker hit, consider vaping Delta-8 instead!

Remember: You can always increase your Delta-8 dosage once you know how your body will react and you’ve grown your tolerance. However, it’s not quite as easy to come down from an uncomfortably strong high. Resist the urge to go big right out of the gate and be gentle with your body instead.

how many Delta 8 gummies do you eat

Portion Out as Required

Yes, most cannabis gummies are sold as whole units. However, that doesn’t mean you have to consume an entire, full gummy each time. Instead, you’re free to divide and portion them out as required.

For instance, a first-time user may want to cut one of our 25mg Delta-8 gummies into one-fourth or one-half sections. Over time, they can increase this to a three-fourths section and finally, a full gummy.

While these are only recommendations and are meant to be followed with caution, here are some dosing levels to consider as you learn more about Delta-8:

  • Starting serving: One-fourth to one-half of one gummy (6.25mg or 12.5mg of Delta-8)
  • Average serving: One gummy (25mg of Delta-8)
  • High tolerance/experienced serving: Two gummies (50mg of Delta-8)

As an alternative to simply taking more gummies to achieve a stronger high, you can also look into higher concentrations. For instance, if you’re going through your pack too quickly because you’re always taking two at a time, it might be smart to look into gummies that contain 50mg of Delta-8 per serving instead.

Know How Long to Wait

How long should you wait for Delta-8 to kick in before you start increasing your dosage? Again, the answer varies for everyone, and it depends on the specific type of product you use.

For example, if you’re vaping or smoking Delta-8, you should feel the effects almost immediately, within five to 10 minutes. This is because the cannabinoid absorbs into your lungs quickly. From there, it goes straight to your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system altogether.

The same concept applies to Delta-8 tinctures, which are liquid concentrates you place below your tongue. With these products, the substance absorbs into your body through the mucous membranes in your mouth, also skipping the digestive system. While these take effect quickly, it’s usually closer to 10 or 20 minutes, not five.

In terms of gummies, the process can take a little longer. While you might feel a slight shift after about 15 minutes, remember that the Delta-8 must travel through your digestive system before it can fully take hold. Give the gummy at least one hour to kick in before taking any more or changing your dosage.

Discover More About Delta-8 THC

Now you know all of the factors that go into answering the question, “How many Delta 8 gummies do you eat?”

While it’s harder to overdo it with Delta-8 than Delta-9, it is possible to misguide your dose and experience uncomfortable side effects. From reduced focus to drowsiness, these effects aren’t as strong but they’re still not fun.

We want you to enjoy every second of your Delta-8 experience! That’s why our products are clearly labeled, our instructions are easy to follow, and we’re always here to answer your questions. Check out our full Delta-8 collection today to learn more!