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HHC: What Is This Cannabinoid?

hhc vs delta 9

Cannabis plants contain more than 100 cannabinoids. This has made it very difficult for people to keep up with them. It almost feels like there is a new cannabinoid coming out every other month and adding to the confusion that so many people feel.

To make things even more confusing, there are also synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids that have started to pop up. HHC is one of the most popular semi-synthetic cannabinoids on the market.

So, what is HHC, and how does it compare to some of the other new cannabinoids? For example, what’s the difference between HHC vs Delta-9?

We’re going to discuss this new semi-synthetic cannabinoid at length so that you’re able to decide whether or not you would like to try it. This will include talking about the HHC effects and the safety associated with using it. It’ll also include diving into the legalities concerning HHC.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about HHC at this time.

What Is HHC?

A lot of people are just starting to hear about HHC for the first time. Because of this, you might be under the impression that it was just discovered within the last few years.

But believe it or not, HHC has actually been around for almost 80 years now. It was first created way back in 1944 by a chemist named Roger Adams.

HHC is short for hexahydrocannabinol, and its chemical name is 11-Nor-9β-hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol. As we alluded to earlier, it’s a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that is a hydrogenated form of another cannabinoid called THC.

While HHC has maintained a presence within the chemistry world for decades at this point, it’s only been commercially available in the form of HHC products for a short time now. It’s why so many people are just finding out about it and trying it to see what it’s all about.

How Is HHC Made?

There are some people who claim that HHC can be found in cannabis plants in very small amounts. But this hasn’t been proven scientifically just yet, so for now, there is a highly complex process that is used to create the HHC that is found in HHC products.

We’ll spare you all the details, but generally speaking, HHC is produced by taking THC and hydrogenating it. To do this, hydrogen will usually be added to THC and a metal catalyst like palladium will be utilized.

Converting THC into HHC can be very tricky and sometimes even dangerous in certain cases. But once the process has played out, it will leave companies with HHC that they can incorporate into their HHC products. It’ll also put people in a position to enjoy HHC products that aren’t quite as potent as THC products.

How Is HHC Consumed?

If you’re interested in trying HHC yourself, there are a couple of different ways in which you’ll be able to consume it. You can decide how you’d like to take it so that you can experience the HHC effects.

The first way that you can put HHC to the test is by purchasing an HHC vape cartridge. This Cotton Candy 2-Gram HHC Disposable would be a good option for anyone interested in giving HHC a try.

You will also have the option to try out HHC gummies. Although they might not get HHC into your system as quickly as vape cartridges can, they’ll also give you an opportunity to see what has so many people excited about this new cannabinoid.

And something tells us that this is only the start. Just like Delta-8 and Delta-9 have worked their way into all kinds of new products over the years, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see HHC consumed in even more ways in the not-too-distant future.

hhc vs delta 9

How Does HHC Make You Feel?

It doesn’t matter if you decide to buy an HHC vape cartridge or HHC gummies. They’re both going to provide you with a similar experience in terms of the HHC effects.

So, how does HHC make you feel when you use it? Well, most people who use HHC and other new cannabinoids on a regular basis will tell you that HHC lands somewhere in between Delta-8 and Delta-9 as far as how it’ll make you feel.

Like Delta-8 and Delta-9, HHC has psychoactive properties that will provide you with a “high” feeling when you use it in most cases. Many people say it also leaves them feeling relaxed and even euphoric at times.

But it’s worth pointing out that everyone is going to respond to HHC a little bit differently. It’s why you’ll need to try it out for yourself to see which HHC effects it’s able to produce for you.

What Is the Difference Between HHC Vs Delta-8?

As we just mentioned, HHC is similar to both Delta-8 and Delta-9 when it comes to how it will make you feel when you use it. Most people find that its effects will put it in between these two. So, what is the difference between HHC vs Delta-8?

For starters, HHC is widely regarded as being a little bit stronger than Delta-8 when you take it. This is likely because HHC has a different molecular structure than Delta-8.

HHC is similar to Delta-9 in that it doesn’t have double structures at the molecular level. This is going to alter the way in which it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system and all of the receptors that are a part of this system. This will lead to HHC packing more of a punch as compared to Delta-8.

If you’re going to try HHC, this will mean that you should start off at a relatively small dosage and work your way up. If you try taking the same amount of HHC as you do Delta-8, it could result in you having an adverse reaction to it. You would be so much better off starting with a low dose of HHC and gradually working your way up until you find your sweet spot.

What Is the Difference Between HHC Vs Delta-9?

HHC might be similar to Delta-9 on a molecular level since it lacks double bonds just like Delta-9 does. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any differences between HHC vs Delta-9.

The biggest difference between the two is that Delta-9 contains slightly more THC in it, which is why it’s considered to be stronger than HHC. You’re going to need to take less Delta-9 to reproduce the same effects that you’ll get with HHC at a higher dosage.

HHC is also not considered to be as potent as THC-O, which is another synthetic cannabinoid. This makes it perfect for those who want something stronger than Delta-8 but not as strong as some of the other natural and synthetic cannabinoids that are available today.

Still, you should be careful about taking too much HHC at once even if you have experience with taking Delta-9 or THC-O. It’s impossible to predict exactly how your body and mind will react to HHC, so you should start off with a low dosage of it and work your way up from there to get the best results.

hhc vs delta 9

Is HHC Safe?

Because HHC has technically been around for such a long time now, you may be under the impression that there must be tons of studies that have been done on it at this point to test its safety. But unfortunately, this isn’t true just yet. Studies done on HHC are still few and far between, and many of them are outdated.

With this in mind, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for any studies done on HHC in the months and years to come. You’re also going to want to be careful about who you choose to buy HHC from if you’re going to invest in it and use it.

Ideally, you should only buy HHC from companies that conduct third-party testing on their HHC products. This type of testing will ensure that companies are only selling the highest-quality HHC products that contain the right amount of HHC and no contaminants.

When you purchase HHC from companies like this, you’ll have more faith in the HHC products that they produce. You’ll also find that these products will provide you with more predictable HHC effects every time you decide to use HHC.

Is HHC Legal?

As HHC and other new cannabinoids have started to become more popular, many people have started to ask questions about whether or not they’re legal. Just like with other cannabinoids, there is a gray area that exists when it comes to the legality of HHC.

Under the Farm Bill that was made a law back in 2018, HHC is legal to buy and sell throughout the country. Similar to CBD, HHC is derived from hemp and is therefore considered to be a legal substance in the U.S.

There are, however, some states that have started to create their own sets of laws to govern the sale of products containing HHC and other cannabinoids. As a result, you might find that there will be legal limits to whether you can purchase HHC products in your state.

You might also want to be wary about using HHC products and other products that contain cannabinoids if you are going to be subjected to any work-related drug tests in the near future. The THC found in these products might show up on drug tests in some cases and hinder your ability to get a job.

At the very least, you should do more research on your own to see how using HHC products will affect you if you have to take a drug test. It’ll help you make a final decision on whether you want to put HHC to the test.

Where Can You Shop for HHC?

As recently as just a couple of years ago, it wasn’t easy for people to shop around for HHC. There weren’t many brick-and-mortar stores or online shops that specialized in selling HHC products.

But as HHC has started to rise in popularity, more places have started to carry HHC products. It has made them a whole lot easier to find for those interested in testing out HHC.

If you’re going to purchase HHC products, it would be worth poking around online so that you can see some of the companies that manufacture them. Lit Vapes is one of the companies that you can count on for the highest-quality HHC products around.

We carry a number of different HHC products, including both vape cartridges and gummies. We can also offer HHC products to you in different strengths so that you can find the right one for your specific situation.

Additionally, Lit Vapes will provide you with some of the best prices in the industry on HHC products. It’s just one more reason why you should turn to us for these products when you’re in the market for HHC.

Try HHC Today to See What It Can Do for You

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