Delta 8

Everything You Need to Know About Delta-8 Concentrates

Delta-8 Concentrates

With delta-8 THC selling for almost three times as much as CBD, it is no surprise it has become popular among retailers. Among these products, delta-8 concentrates have shot into popularity, making waves in the THC community. Though, what are delta-8 concentrates, and what does one do with them?

Below, we answer these questions, focusing on what a delta-8 product is, what form it takes, and how you can use it. As you read through, remember to check how to partake of this product safely. That way, you can enjoy this new entry into the market for a long time to come.

What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a chemical variant of delta-9 THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis. This chemical appears in tiny amounts in the natural cannabis plant. Companies are now producing it en masse and selling many new products that contain it.

Delta-8 can have a milder relaxing effect than delta-9, though the side effects are similar. This means people often buy it when they want a “high” that does not come with the same kick as delta-9 products.

You can now find delta-8 in many different products, including tinctures, gummies, vapes, and oils. It is a common sight in many locations aiming to take advantage of the recent boom in its popularity.

The legal status of delta-8 is still unknown in many different states. While a bill in 2018 legalized many hemp-related products, states are catching up with ensuring all the derivatives are safe to use. As such, you should check the laws in your area before buying this product.

What Is a Delta-8 Concentrate?

Small amounts of delta-8 exist in cannabis plants and are often imbibed when using any form of the plant. These days, companies extract it from the plant and concentrated it into large quantities of this chemical alone.

Extraction methods vary. One includes using pressurized carbon dioxide to separate the THC from plant matter. The CO2 then evaporates, and the delta-8 is then all that remains.

Another method involves the use of solvents to perform the same role, dissolving the cannabinoids from the plant into the solvent. The solvent is then evaporated, leaving behind the delta-8.

Other methods such as ice water extraction and rosin pressing exist, but these are much less common on an industrial level.

These concentrates are then taken and used in many different products. A major product form you often see it in is a vape, as this is a common method of taking cannabinoids.

The different forms of concentrate demand different methods of use. This allows customization in how one enjoys the chemical.

What Is the Best Delta-8 Concentrate?

There is no single answer to this question. What one considers the best concentrates depends on personal preference. It will also take into account how one plans to use the concentrate itself.

There are also many different purities of products, and one should always check the information on the packaging before using it.

Some of the most popular forms of delta-8 THC concentrate include the following:

Delta-8 Concentrate Distillate

This is a very pure version of delta-8, and as such, you can often find this concentrate inside vape cartridges, where one would want a high potency per dose.

Distillation is the process by which one can separate the different components of a liquid. This occurs by heating it to a specific temperature, then collecting the different components as they vaporize.

This leaves behind a sticky substance, which can be anything between a clear and a dark amber color. This then needs to go through a purification and testing process to determine its purity level. This level should be available on the packaging of the product.

Generally, a clearer distillate suggests it is purer, though this is not always the case. As one can remove the color from such distillates using artificial methods, you should always double-check.

Delta-8 Concentrate Live Resin

Within cannabis plants, you will find many of the natural compounds that when combined create a fresh cannabis smell. The name for these is “terpenes”. To many people, this is an important part of the THC experience, so they want to keep this and look for products that still contain it.

This is where live resin comes in.

People produce delta-8 live resin from cannabis plants they freeze as soon as harvesting is complete. They are not dried, nor are they cured, as this can remove the majority of the flavorful terpenes from the product. As such, they keep hold of many of the wonderful smells people associate with the experience.

These frozen plants then go through the extraction process, as well as a purification process to ensure the delta-8 is as pure as possible. This tends to create a concentrate with a much stronger smell, as well as a powerful flavor.

Live resin is often used in homemade edibles for those who want the flavor of cannabis to be a major component in the edible. Others use them in teas or other tinctures. It is also very popular in dabbing, which is when people turn the resin into a vapor and inhale it.

Another reason people like to use live resin is they believe the terpenes are not only flavorful but also therapeutic. There is a belief called the “entourage effect” which stresses any therapy using cannabis should not only use the active chemicals. It suggests all the compounds work together to create a fuller effect than any single chemical alone.

Delta-8 Concentrate Crumble

The name “Crumble” comes from this concentrate’s texture. It tends to be waxy and falls apart when handled with any intensity.

People produce crumble in a similar way to other processing methods. The main difference is after the extraction process the producer “whips” the concentrate in a similar way to cream. This creates an airy texture in the chemical, giving it a unique feel.

Many delta-8 consumers prefer to use crumble because of this texture. They claim it is much easier to handle, as well as carefully measure when one wants to use a specific dosage. It often also burns much slower than other concentrates, allowing for more customization in the speed at which one enjoys it.

People use this form of delta-8 concentrate in many different ways. They can add it to rolled cigarettes, they can vaporize it, or use a dab rig and inhale it.

Delta-8 Concentrate Shatter

Shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate named for its texture. It comes in a hard, glassy form that can shatter if dropped on a hard surface. People create this texture by pouring it out on a flat surface, then waiting for it to cool down and dry. As it cools, it hardens into a sheet that is like glass.

People use this form of delta-8 concentrate in many different ways. Much like other concentrates, one can add it to vaporizers or roll it into cigarettes. People even inhale it by dabbing with it.

Much like crumble, the popularity of shatter is in part due to its texture. Its form allows people to handle it with ease, and should one wish to measure it, this is much easier than other forms. It also burns slower than other options too, thus helping to allow people to manage their consumption of delta-8 with ease.

Delta-8 Concentrate Safety

While delta-8 concentrates are popular, they are very new to the market. Because of this, you should make sure any products you pick up fit both the requirements of your local area as well as your needs. We recommend caution when buying and using new products such as these.

Some of the things you could do to ensure your safety include:

Check the Legality

Delta-8 concentrates have a range of legalities depending on the area. As such, make sure the laws in your state match your expectations before buying anything.

While the 2018 farm bill legalized hemp-related products, such as delta-8 THC, it is still a gray area. Many states are clear in making it illegal to buy, while others are still waiting for laboratory testing or FDA approval before taking a stand.

Either way, you should be aware of your rights surrounding the ownership of this concentrate. If the police stop you, you should understand what they are likely to do and how you should respond.

Buy From Reputable Sources

Make sure when you buy delta-8 you are getting it from a reliable and reputable location. There may be many different shops in your area that sell it, so read the reviews for each of these locations to find one you can trust. You also want to make sure you pick one known for selling products with few impurities, as you want to ensure you remain safe while enjoying delta-8.

Check the Lab Results

On any packets of delta-8 you buy, you should make sure there are visible lab results that talk about the purity and potency of the concentrate. If this is not the case, demand to know about it from the seller. Such results should always be on the product to give the buyer as much information as possible before they commit to buying.

You should avoid buying any delta-8 that has not received testing in a lab and does not report on the results of such testing. This is for the safety of both yourself and anyone else you might share the concentrate with.

Only Buy Labelled Products

The label on any delta-8 product, including concentrates, should have data about its contents. This would help you understand if they mix the concentrate with any other ingredients, including those you might be sensitive to. If the products do not have a label or do not have such information in an online listing, be very careful and avoid buying them.

Check the Dosage

Before you try the concentrate for the first time, check out the dosages on the packaging. Start with a very small dose to see how it affects your body, then build up from there.

As the market for delta-8 is still new, there are no official recommendations from any one source about what a standard dose should be. Thus, you may have to find this out for your own body.

How to Use Delta-8

There are many methods of using delta-8 concentrate to achieve a high. We list some of these below, to help you find the best way to imbibe this product for yourself.


This is a method that demands the user heat a small measure of concentrate in a special device. This device, known by several names including a “nail” or “banger”, allows the user to inhale any vapor through a water filter.

This allows the user to take in a lot of the concentrate at once, so anyone who dabs should practice dosage discipline.


You can vape delta-8 concentrate much like many other THC-related products. If you mix the gelatin with a concentrate, you can create your own vape. Or, you can buy pre-made vapes which will have a well-measured dose in them.

Make sure to use a vape pen that works with concentrates, as some do not. Refer to the instruction manual for your vape to find out if this is the case.


You can add small amounts of concentrates into a rolled cigarette. While tactile, and a traditional method of partaking of THC, it can be messy and comes with its own issues.


Tinctures are oils one can place under the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing them. Or, you can put them into food or drinks you buy, turning them into edibles.


You can also buy delta-8 concentrates in edibles much like other THC products. These exist as gummies, baked goods, or many other forms.

Where to Pick Up Delta-8 Concentrates

With everything in this article, you now know a lot more about delta-8 concentrates than you did before. As such, now is the perfect time to get involved in this new craze.

We have many different forms of delta-8 disposable vape available. So, get into our shop and find a delta-8 product to suit your mood today.