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Delta-8 Vape: A Complete Guide to Vaping Delta-8

delta 8 vape

Delta-8 products are starting to hit the market hard, and they retail for around three times as much as CBD products go for. This goes to show how popular they are, and with so many ways to imbibe this chemical, it is no surprise it is flying off the shelf. If you want to get involved and start using delta-8, for example with a delta-8 vape, what should be your first steps?

This article will help you spread your wings for the first time and jump on the delta-8 vaping wagon. As you learn more about this topic, you can start to plan for your first few experiences and ensure you enjoy them.

What Is Delta-8?

Cannabis plants contain a range of different chemicals. Many of these can cause drug-like effects in those who take them into the body. These go by the name of “cannabinoids.”

Delta-8 is one such cannabinoid. It contains the same atoms as the well-known THC “delta-9,” but these atoms arrange themselves in a different way in delta-8. As such, they have different effects when one uses them.

In general, delta-8 is a less potent form of THC than delta-9, and as such its effects are not as intense. Despite this, the chemical still has similar side effects to its more potent cousin.

Because of these similarities, delta-8 is under investigation to see if these side effects are also reduced compared to delta-9. This is because it would then have potential use as a medical alternative to delta-9.

Delta-8 is still not legal in all areas of the country. Different states have different laws covering its ownership or sale. As such, you should investigate these before attempting to gain any for yourself.

Why Choose Delta-8 Products over Nicotine?

There are many benefits to vaping delta-8 over using nicotine on a regular basis.

Stimulation. First of all, nicotine is a stimulant, and if you do not want to feel stimulated, you will want to steer clear of it.

Addictiveness. Nicotine is well-known for its addictive qualities. There is not much proof that delta-8 is an addictive substance, but nicotine’s addictive nature is well-documented.

Medicinal purposes. Nicotine does not yet have any proven medicinal purposes that outweigh its side effects. At the same time, delta-8 is currently under investigation as a potential medicine.

Why Choose Delta-8 Products Over Delta-9?

While delta-8 and delta-9 both appear in cannabis plants, there are subtle differences between them. This is why delta-8 product creation is on the rise as a separate option from existing delta-9 products.

Some people have chosen to investigate taking delta-8 because it has a different effect on the mind and body from delta-9. While the qualities are similar, they are lower in intensity, so people can regulate their experience a lot easier.

How to Choose a Retailer and a Vape

When you buy cannabis products, including buying delta-8 vapes, there are several steps you should make sure you go through. These will ensure you are getting a high-quality product and staying safe.

First, you should make sure you buy from a reputable seller. Check the online reviews from any location you go to. This way, you can have the assurance they are not a shady business and you may well be able to come back as a positive repeat customer.

When choosing a vape, or a vape liquid, you should also look into the lab results of the item you want to pick up. You should either find these on their website or ask in a physical store. This will tell you the purity and potency of the delta-8 and help you understand the kind of experience you will have.

Also, ensure you check the legal status of retailers in your area. You do not want to order in delta-8, only to find it is illegal.

The Vaping Experience

When you vape delta-8 for the first time, you should ensure you experience it in the most controlled environment and do so safely. The following steps should help you go from never having vaped before to being a long-term delta-8 vape user.

Charge Your Vape

If you plan to use your own rechargeable vape pen, check to see if it needs charging. If it does, plug it into its charging cable and hook it up to power. This way, you can have the assurance your vape is available when you need it and you will not run out of power.

If you are using a disposable delta-8 vape, you should not need to worry about this. Instead, the vape should have a battery inside it that will power the device for you.

Prepare Your Vape

If you have a vape pod, you will want to fill the pod with your e-liquid. This requires you to find the hole in the pod you fill from, then pour the liquid inside. The location of the hole should be visible on the device, or in the packaging of the vape.

If you have a more traditional vaping tank, you will want to fill the tank from the top or bottom, depending on the specific tank. You can find more information on how to do it in the product’s manual.

Many pods or tanks will have a small line to show where you should fill it up to. If not, take care not to overfill it or you may end up with spillages or issues vaping.

Make sure you clean and prepare the mouthpiece, then secure it to the device. Assemble all other pieces if the device comes in parts.

Activate the Device

You should then prime the coil of the device. This is a step that will allow you to enjoy the delta-8 to the fullest by giving you the best flavor and vaping experience. There are two main steps to doing this.

First of all, allow your vape to sit for a few minutes before you then use it. This is because you want to wait for the liquid to soak through the cotton in the vape’s coil. This will stop you from inhaling nothing, also known as taking a “dry hit,” which could in theory burn out the coil and leave you with a damaged vape.

If you want to help the device along, you can always take the device and slowly draw on the mouthpiece. If you do this, the vape juice will soak through the cotton and coil a little faster.

You can then turn on the device. Some vapes demand you press the “on” button several times or hold it down, to prevent accidental activation. You should check your vape’s packaging or manual for more information.


Now that the device is ready, it is time for your first hit.

Put your mouth over the mouthpiece, and inhale slowly through it. The device will activate on its own and create vapor you can then breathe in.

Do not do this too fast, as you may overwhelm yourself. Go slow, work out your tolerance, and learn more about the experience as you do it. Over time, you may find you can inhale a little faster or slower for a better time.

You can then hold the vapor in your lungs for as long as you feel comfortable before exhaling.


Slowly exhale the full hit you breathed in. Wait a little while after you do this, to work out the kind of feeling you are getting from the hit.

After a few minutes, take in a little more. Bear in mind, though, you may find it begins to ramp up further after the initial hit. Delta-8 can even take up to half an hour to fully impact you, so avoid rushing through your entire supply.

This first time will be a new experience, so enjoy it while it is there, and learn all you can about how your body reacts to the chemical.

Ending Your Experience

After you have had enough, or once you have run out of vape juice, you can deactivate the device.

The method for doing this will depend on the vape you have picked up. If it is a disposable vape, and you no longer wish to use it, you may discard it. If it is your own vape, it is wise to instead deactivate it and then disassemble it for future use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Either right away, or when you have free time, you should ensure you clean the vape to maintain it. If you do not, you may find it can either start to break down, or even go moldy if you are not careful enough.

You should first turn off the device and remove the vape cartridge or pod from it. After this, disassemble it according to the instructions you have from the manufacturer. You can find these in the packaging or manual.

Then, clean the tank itself using warm water and a little dish soap if necessary. Dry it off with a clean cloth and leave it to the side. After this, wipe down all the other parts of the device with a clean, damp cloth and dry them to prevent the water from affecting them later.

You can then put the vape back together and put it into storage. It is recommended you store vapes away from the sun, in cool and dry locations. Make sure not to put it anywhere that will heat up or become humid, and there should be no problems.

If you need to, you can also plug the device in to charge it for next time.

Avoiding Legal Issues

Delta-8 THC is still not legal in all parts of the United States. Its legality may change from state to state, and its status is still up in the air. As such, make sure you check in with a knowledgeable person or website before you start using delta-8 to avoid issues.

At the same time, for safety, you should talk to your doctor before you start using any new substance. This is very important if you have an existing medical condition or are already taking other substances. Delta-8, much like other THCs, might interact with other medications, and you will want to be careful not to trigger such an interaction.

How to Choose a Flavor

There are many different options for vape flavors out there. You will want to make sure you find one to match your own mood.

Think about the kinds of flavors you enjoy, whether you prefer to eat sweet or fruity foods, or if you would prefer no flavor at all to your vape juice. Find delta-8 vapes with flavors that match this preference.

You can also search for more natural flavors. Some vapes have artificial flavors, which can “taste like chemicals” or not feel as good.

Some people might even want the natural taste of cannabis in their vape, for medicinal reasons. Believers in the “entourage effect” look for this as they believe the flavor is part of the full effect of THC.

Make sure you do not only stick with one flavor. Try many over time, or pick up several at the same time and give them all a go. You might find something very special to you that triggers a positive memory of a meal or childhood.

As a last point, we would recommend you bear in mind different flavors can be at different strengths. This is especially true if you are making your own vape juice. It might be you like a subtle taste of mint, but too much and it will be overwhelming, so try different varieties of the same flavor, too.

Where to Find a Delta-8 Vape

The above details should give you all the information you need to start using delta-8 in a safe and enjoyable way. Now, you might want to find a location to buy a delta-8 vape that will suit you and your needs.

Lucky for you, we have a wide range of delta-8 products that can match what you want. All you need to do is check out our shop and you should be able to find something to make your new experience something special.