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Delta-8 Syringes: The Ultimate Guide

delta 8 syringes

Based on one study, in a given 30-day period, around 17% of cannabis users reported having used delta-8 THC. This is a large enough group to have a cultural significance, and you may have encountered people who use this substance yourself.

So, if you wanted to join them, how would you use delta-8 syringes to enjoy this chemical in a manageable and safe way?

Below, you will find details on several of the different ways to use delta-8 syringes, as well as more information on what delta-8 is. By the end, you should have the ability to investigate using a delta-8 syringe while keeping in mind each method’s benefits and drawbacks.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid. These are chemicals produced by the cannabis plant, some of which have psychoactive qualities. While delta-8 affects the user’s brain when they take it as a drug, it does not have the same impact as the more well-known delta-9.

Delta-8 and delta-9 both contain similar chemical structures. Despite this, they vary enough to need different legislation when it comes to their legality.

One of the reasons delta-8 is so popular is that it has not received the same scrutiny as delta-9 in this regard. However, delta-8 has much-reduced side effects. Because of this, drug companies are currently undergoing trials to work out if it could act as a medicinal drug moving forward.

Manufacturers create delta-8 by one of two methods. The first is by taking delta-9 and performing a chemical reaction in which delta-9 catalyzes into delta-8.

The other method of collecting delta-8 is by processing the plant and extracting the chemical straight from it. Though, delta-8 appears in much smaller quantities than delta-9. So, this is not the most productive method and explains its comparative rarity.

Since its dramatic growth in popularity, delta-8 has appeared in many different products. You can find it these days in concentrates, edibles, and almost every other location one could find its sister chemical, delta-9.

Before you invest in delta-8, though, you should understand its legal status. It is not yet a regulated substance because of its lack of detailed studies. Despite this, many states have chosen to make the substance illegal, and you should check the local laws surrounding its use before you buy it.

Benefits of Delta-8

There are many reasons why people might use any specific psychedelic. They can often be a help to people with either physical or mental health issues. There are even several reports from people who insist it has improved their life.

There have not been enough studies to confirm these reports. Despite this, the delta-8 community often shares plenty of anecdotal evidence surrounding how it has helped them. It suggests an investigation into their veracity is worth looking into.

To help you understand these potential benefits, we have listed some of the strongest reported delta-8 effects below:

Focus Improvement

Some users of delta-8 report an ability to slow their mind’s functions in a way that improves focus. They state it helps them find a way to remove distracting thoughts and focus only on the task at hand.

Other reported benefits surrounding focus include seeing things from fresh points of view. This can help people with problem-solving and creative writing when such work demands uniqueness.

Anxiety Management

While not as powerful as delta-9, delta-8 still has some reported impact on those who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. They state the calmer mood they get in while taking delta-8 can help them face intrusive thoughts. Some reports also suggest a reduction in catastrophizing they otherwise experience.

Despite this, you should note some people instead report cannabinoids can tend to increase their feelings of anxiety. Delta-8 has a very different effect from person to person. As this anxiety can often escalate to side effects that include paranoia, you should be careful when self-medicating in this way.

Pain Reduction

Despite it being 2023, many doctors will tell you the mechanisms of anesthesia are not all understood. The search for new methods of pain relief may never be over. This makes it significant that many people have reported delta-8 having a pain-relief effect when they take it.

Some believe delta-8 has an impact on the brain or the wider nervous system which can cause this. Others suggest they find it easier to ignore any existing pain while under the influence of THC. Also, as delta-8 is less strong than delta-9, they can still perform other important actions while using it.

Nausea Abatement

Some people suggest delta-8, much like delta-9, can reduce the nausea they are feeling. This can have many benefits, such as reducing discomfort after undergoing various treatments. Examples of these treatments might include:

  • Medications that create nausea
  • Antibiotics
  • NSAIDs
  • Chemotherapy

These effects can vary depending on the person, so do not take delta-8 assured of a guaranteed improvement. Instead, try it to see if it works for you.

Increased Appetite

Cannabis products have a stereotype associated with them related to getting “the munchies,” and there is a truth to this. Some cannabinoids increase the appetite people have, allowing them to eat more.

While some may consider this a negative point, those who have trouble eating due to pain or other reasons may find it a relief.

How to Use a Syringe

There are many different ways in which one could use a delta-8 syringe to take the chemical. They include the following:

Dabbing With the Concentrate

Should you have the appropriate equipment, such as a dab rig, you can start dabbing with delta-8. This is a popular method for at parties, or to share the delta-8 concentrate with others in a social setting, as you can pass the rig around for others to use.

Dabbing involves heating up a small amount of the concentrate on a heating element or “nail,” to a high heat. You then inhale the resulting vapor through a water-based filter to reduce its temperature and remove some impurities. The concentrate then enters the bloodstream via the lungs as the user inhales it.

One uses a syringe in this situation to measure out and manipulate the delta-8 concentrate. You can place the delta-8 onto the nail straight from the syringe, or use a tool to transfer it from a secondary location where you measured it out.

Dosing Under the Tongue

This method of dosing is also known as “sublingual application,” as well as several other names. When applied, the THC enters the bloodstream via the veins found underneath the tongue. After it has remained in place long enough, one can swallow it and ingest the remnants of the mixture.

You can place the opening to the syringe under a user’s tongue to inject delta-8, ensuring you use the markings on the syringe to measure how much you use. This allows you to control how much you apply at any one time.

Improving Your Joints

Another option is to smoke the delta-8 concentrate. Measuring out the chemical with the syringe, you can inject it into a joint you have already created. This infuses the cigarette with a higher level of THC than you might have already had in it.

This creates a much more intense hit than smoking a regular flower joint, and in many locations is still legal. You should be careful when you do this, as it can create an extreme high that might be too much for some people.

Only do this if you have experience in the dosing and use of THC products, and ensure you have others around to take care of you during the high.

Creating Edibles

Another way to use a syringe is when you create THC edibles. When you need an exact measure of delta-8 for creating gummies, baked goods, or other foods, put it into your mixture by pressing the plunger down.

Edibles are both a simple and delicious way to enjoy delta-8. If you are a skilled cook, you can even impress people with your culinary masterpieces before they enjoy the chemicals within.

Brewing Tinctures

While much like edibles, brewing tinctures is a drink-based way to enjoy the chemical. You have several ways you can go about this.

First of all, you could inject the syringe contents straight into a drink as it brews. This is very direct, and it may sometimes be hard to get the concentrate to mix well with the tea or tonic.

Another option is to drench the teabags or tea leaves in the concentrate itself. This then infuses them with the chemicals, so when you use them to brew a tonic, the THC is much more likely to mix with the water.

This method is also a lot less conspicuous, so if you wish to use such tea or tonics in the workplace, you might be able to hide their nature from prying eyes.

Topical Application

Using a delta-8 syringe, you can create many different kinds of topical creams, balms, or ointments. If you buy a simple topical cream, you can then mix it with any sort of concentrate you might prefer to use.

Using the syringe, mix an amount of delta-8 into the ointment that allows each dose of the cream to apply an acceptable amount of THC to your skin. Then, you will need to mix it well, to ensure the extract is spread equally throughout the cream.

After this, you can take a single dose worth of the topical cream and apply it to your skin. Often, you can do this by rubbing it in circular motions until your skin has absorbed it all.

If you want to go the extra mile, you may have the ability to draw some of this cream into the syringe you have. This way, you can eke out prepared applications of the topical cream to use later, and dole it out in specific measures.

Boofing With the Syringe

Boofing is the method of taking drugs via the rectal cavity. This can help people who either do not wish to inhale the drug or take it through their upper digestive tract for any reason.

This way of taking delta-8 can deliver the THC straight to the bloodstream via the body’s internal blood vessels. This can lead to a faster hit, should one need it. Many people claim this is the most effective manner to take in the drug because of the amount that can enter the bloodstream at once.

Boofing has two main methods, either via a direct syringe or with a suppository.

With the suppository, you would mix the syringe’s concentrate with a good amount of cocoa butter. This should be enough butter so you can dose each suppository with an amount of concentrate you can handle at any one time. You melt the cocoa butter, ensuring the concentrate combines through the mixture, then pour it into suppository molds.

You then place the molds into a fridge or freezer to set. Once they have hardened, you can insert them at will. Lying on one’s side and lifting a leg is often described as the easiest way to insert them, though bending over can also work well.

You can also measure out a dose of the concentrate and combine it with a safe carrier, such as distilled water. Once you do this, you can use another syringe to pick up this combination and inject it into the rectum through the anus.

Instead of using the suppository, this allows you a greater level of control over the amount you place into your body at once. So you could only inject half or less if you desire, or only try a small squirt if it is your first time.

Pick Up Delta-8 Syringes

With the above information, you should have very few problems using delta-8 syringes as you investigate this form of THC. Still, you might want to look into yet more methods of taking delta-8. This is where we can help you out.

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