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Can You Use Both CBD and Delta 8 at the Same Time?

cbd and delta-8

It’s reported that, in 2022, 26% of American adults used CBD. Compared to 2018, this is a 6% increase.

Since CBD may offset anxiety and depression and alleviate pain, many cannabis consumers are interested in combining CBD and delta-8. Delta-8 is also known for its pain-relieving properties, making them a popular set of cannabinoids.

You may be wondering if you can mix these two products, the best way to do so, what to expect, and the potential side effects.

This article walks you through the ins and out of using delta-8 products in conjunction with CBD, so be sure to keep reading.

CBD vs Delta-8

Before mixing cannabinoids, it’s important to understand how each product functions individually. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between delta-8 and CBD so you can better understand their individual purposes and effects.


Delta-8 is similar to delta-9, except for one chemical bond’s position.

Delta-8 produced milder results. Although delta-8 is a psychoactive compound, you’ll only feel a fraction of the high that delta-9 produces. In short, it offers a muted high.

Delta-8’s muted effects also mean fewer side effects, including anxiety, paranoia, increased heart rate, and sweating all associated with delta-9. You’ll find mild side effects compared to delta-9.

Delta-8 is one of the few psychotropic compounds allowed for sale, courtesy of the 2018 Farm Bill. It’s important to understand that delta-8 may show up on a drug test, whereas CBD won’t.


CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical you can find in marijuana. It doesn’t contain any THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient responsible for feeling high.

You’ll commonly find CBD in oil form, but it’s also sold as an extract, an oil-based capsule, or as a vaporized liquid. You may also find foods, drinks, and beauty products infused with CBD.

The cannabinoid CBD is common among holistic practitioners. It lacks any psychotropic characteristics, so the most you can expect to feel is a tingling sensation.

CBD is growing in popularity since it may help with various medical issues. Benefits may include pain relief, help with cancer-related issues such as nausea, vomiting, and weight loss, and help with anxiety and depression.

Is It Safe to Combine CBD and Delta-8?

As a general rule of thumb, mixing delta-8 and CDB is safe. Combining cannabinoids has been popular for quite some time, and delta-9 and CBD have commonly been mixed for years.

The majority of cannabis users have had positive effects when mixing cannabinoids. You may experience a reduced high from the CBD, while delta-8 boosts your feelings of euphoria.

Are There Side Effects?

There may not be any serious side effects, but CBD and delta-9 may interact. CBD might reduce the way THC binds with your CB1 receptors.

These neuroreceptors are responsible for THC-induced intoxication. Since delta-8 and delta-9 are very similar, the interactions may be the same for CBD and delta-8.

Although the exact safety of CBD and mixing cannabinoids is unknown, the impression is that it’s safe. However, you need to purchase delta-8 products from a reputable supplier, as toxins and other dangerous pesticides pose a threat when consumed.

What to Consider When Mixing Delta-8 and CBD

Although there are benefits to mixing delta-8 and CBD, you still need to consider several factors, such as strength and quality. Here are several factors to examine before combining these two cannabinoids.

How Strong Is Each Product?

If you combine delta-8 with CBD and your dosage is too high, then you may experience some side effects. For example, you may experience drowsiness if you take too much CBD. Too much delta-8, however, may result in a more potent feeling of intoxication.

This is why each cannabinoid’s milligram strength plays an important role. Keep serving sizes in mind and pay attention to your body and how each cannabinoid makes you feel.

Use High-Quality Products

When purchasing CBD and delta-8 products, look for companies that test their products to ensure overall quality. The lab results should be available for you to see.

Time Your Products

How you consume your products affects when you’ll feel the outcome. For example, a few drops of CBD oil underneath your tongue will take longer to reach your system than a puff off your delta-8 vape.

When taking CBD gummies and a delta-8 gummy in tandem, you’ll feel the effects roughly at the same time. However, a CBD softgel and delta-8 vape offer experiences at different times.

Remember that the timing of these products varies from user to user, so be patient and experiment with the timing of this combination. It may take a few weeks or months, but you’ll determine the best schedule for combining CBD and delta-8.

Dosing Schedule

Although there’s no standard way to take these products, if your goal is to take them simultaneously, then you need to check each product’s dosage listed on its label.

Always start low and work your way up when mixing CBD and delta-8. You’ll learn how your body responds to the mixture of these cannabinoids, adjusting as needed.

It may be difficult to determine what ratio of CBD to delta-8 will work best for your body. However, if you’re new to cannabinoid therapeutics, you may find it difficult to accurately combine the two for the best results.

The good news is that CBD isn’t psychoactive, so there’s not much worry about using too much product. Take the same delta-8 dose you normally would, with a similar dose of CBD. Your ratio should be 1:1.

You can also opt for a small dose of CBD or delta-8 until you understand how the combination will make you feel.

Be Mindful of Other Products

Are you a caffeine drinker? Do you enjoy wine with dinner? These substances may interact with hemp products, so be mindful of what you’re taking in conjunction with your CBD and delta-8.

Caffeine may have a synergistic effect when taken with delta-8 and CBD. Before you create a routine with new hemp products, determine how they interact with the current products you consume.

Some people don’t mind the effects of alcohol and THC, while others do. Pay attention to the products you consume as you embark upon a comingling journey with CBD and delta-8 for the best experience possible.

Product Formulations

It’s best to consider the type of product formulations you plan on purchasing. The products you use affect your experience, especially when you feel the effects.

Full-spectrum CBD offers different results than CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD has trace amounts of various cannabis compounds, such as terpenes and flavonoids, in addition to small amounts of THC. Conversely, CBD isolate only contains CBD.

cbd and delta-8

Benefits of Delta-8 and CBD

Taking delta-8 and CBD concurrently offers many benefits. Here are some examples of CBD’s benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anxiety relief
  • Combats nausea
  • Anti-tumor
  • Improved mood
  • Helps support a healthy sleep schedule

Delta-8 features similar qualities, although they’re slightly different. Here are the potential benefits of using delta-8:

  • Improved relaxation
  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Anti-seizure
  • Combats nausea
  • Appetite stimulant

When combined, delta-8 and CBA may offer benefits greater than taking each product independently. Remember that delta-8 is psychoactive, whereas CBD isn’t. Always consult your physician before taking CBD or delta-8 to ensure it’s safe for you to take.

Reduced Anxiety

If you’re looking to reduce anxiety, you may want to take a small hit off your vape before anxious situations, as it kicks in immediately. Your CBD will hover in the background, helping to offset your delta-8.

Sleep Aid

Many people look for natural ways to facilitate healthy sleep patterns, avoiding the prospect of a sleeping pill addiction. CBD works to calm your nerves and ease any pain, and delta-8 can help you fall asleep quickly. You may also benefit from undisturbed sleep and minimal morning grogginess.

Improved Appetite

CBD may induce an appetite. Delta-8 may also increase your appetite, so if you suffer from nausea and a lack of appetite, consider taking these two cannabinoids together.

Replace Delta-9

Delta-8 may be significantly less potent than delta-9, making it a suitable alternative, especially when mixed with CBD. If you routinely feel anxious, overwhelmed, or paranoid when using delta-9, then delta-8 is a great alternative. Start in small doses to see how you feel, especially when combining it with another cannabinoid, such as CBD.

cbd and delta-8

What to Expect When Combining CBD and Delta-8

Everyone experiences something different when using CBD and delta-8. The same is true when combining the two cannabinoids. However, combined benefits tend to be more universal.

Here’s what you can expect.

Elevated Therapeutic Benefits

CBD and THC work well when combined CBD usually increases the efficacy of THC. This may be true when using THC to promote sleep, relaxation, and pain.

The bulk of this evidence comes from the combination of delta-9 and CBD, but delta-8 is similar to delta-9, so it’s assumed that the results will be similar. These results stem from the ways CBD alters your body’s cannabinoid receptors.

More Stable Effects

CBD and THC combined may reduce adverse effects, such as negative side effects. When you mix CBD with delta-8, you may have a greater chance of combating any potential side effects of taking THC by itself.

The Entourage Effect

Mixing CBD and delta-8 may create the “entourage effect.” This means they work in tandem to improve each other’s positive effects. One may heighten the qualities of the other, causing the cannabinoid to have a unique reaction within your body.

For example, a combination of THC and CBD may aid in stronger pain relief. Since delta-8 is similar in structure to THC, combining it with CBD may have a similar reaction to combining THC and CBD.

Always use high-quality products from suppliers you trust. Never drive, operate heavy machinery, or use power tools when taking delta-8 or any other mood-altering substance.

Your motor skills are impaired due to its psychoactive effects. If you feel overly relaxed with CBD, avoid driving, using power tools, or operating heavy machinery.

Be careful when consuming multiple products at once, especially alcohol, as it may interact with delta-8 and CBD.

How Long Does Delta-8 Make You Feel High?

Although CBD may mute some of the high sensations associated with delta-8, you may still be wondering how long you’ll feel high after taking delta-8.

On average, you can expect to feel high for 3 to 10 hours, but the duration of these sensations depends on your body weight, how much delta-8 you consume, and how you consumed it.

For example, tinctures and edibles take effect about 30 minutes after consuming them. Your liver needs to metabolize the THC, which is why the effects aren’t immediate. You’ll most likely feel the peak effects of delta-8 about an hour and a half to 2 hours in.

When you smoke delta-8, you can expect to feel immediate effects. Peak effects occur roughly 30 minutes after smoking delta-8. The effects of delta-8 wear off about 5 hours later, although combining it with CBD may alter the duration of the effects and how strong your “high” is.

Mixing CBD and Delta-8

If you’re wondering if you can mix CBD and delta-8, you can safely do so after consulting with your physician. Take time to experiment with dosage, never taking more than the recommended amount, as you determine the best way to combine each product. Too much of one product may have adverse effects, especially increased anxiety and paranoia.

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