Delta 8

Can You Combine Delta-8 and CBD?

delta 8 and cbd

Do you enjoy using hemp-derived CBD? What about Delta-8 THC?

While CBD is one of the better-known cannabinoids, Delta-8 is just now getting the attention and traction it deserves. The same is true of other minor cannabinoids, including CBN. As you learn which cannabis products you prefer, you might wonder what it would be like to combine some of your favorites.

If you’re already a fan of the non-psychedelic experience you get with CBD, you might be ready to take it up a notch by combining it with a THC product, such as Delta-8.

Can you combine Delta 8 and CBD? What will happen when these substances meet and is it safe to do so? Today, we’re sharing everything you need to know to optimize your experience.

Starting With Safety

We don’t recommend mixing cannabinoids arbitrarily because they sound like they’d go well together. It’s critical to make sure the compounds in each substance will interact positively and safely with one another before you begin.

Fortunately for us, you can safely combine Delta-8 THC and CBD.

In fact, while the idea of combining the properties of these potent compounds might sound like a relatively new concept, this idea has actually been around for quite a while. Many people already prefer to mix CBD with traditional Delta-9 THC, enjoying the slightly stronger high that THC delivers when combined with the milder, mellow CBD.

Understanding this, it stands to reason that you can also mix CBD safely with Delta-8 THC. Heralded as the gentler form of THC, Delta-8 isn’t known to deliver as potent of a high as Delta-9. It’s also less likely to lead to adverse side effects often associated with THC, including paranoia and anxiety.

You can read more about the differences between Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 in our recent blog post.

The Delta-8 and CBD Connection

Here’s another reason we recommend combining CBD and Delta 8: These two substances are more closely connected than you might realize.

Like CBD and Delta-9, Delta-8 THC is one of the many cannabinoids found in both marijuana and hemp. However, unlike the aforementioned substances, only a small trace amount of Delta-8 grows naturally in these plants. To produce enough Delta-8 for substances like disposable vapes and gummies, manufacturers must recreate it in a laboratory setting.

To do so, they begin with hemp-derived CBD. Once the substance undergoes a process called isomerization, it transforms into Delta-8. In addition, the reaction also produces a small number of other cannabinoids, as well as other by-products.

The molecular structure of Delta-8 is therefore closer to CBD than other forms of THC. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you take it, as the high is much more mild compared to conventional Delta-9.

Key Difference to Note

While there are certainly many similarities between Delta-8 and CBD, they are not one and the same. In addition to being chemically different, there is one key difference that distinguishes them from one another: psychoactivity.

As a cannabis product, Delta-8 does contain psychoactive properties. However, it’s much less potent than standard Delta-9 THC.

To get specific, researchers believe its potency is about 75% lower than Delta-9. In other words, it will get you high, but nowhere near as high as you’d get by consuming Delta-9 gummies or vaping Delta-9.

In terms of CBD, there is no psychoactivity present. This means you cannot get high by taking CBD alone.

delta 8 and cbd

Top Reasons to Take Delta-8 and CBD Together

Now that we’ve confirmed it’s safe to take these two substances together, the question remains: Why would you want to merge their effects?

Here are a few of the reasons we suggest adding both CBD and Delta-8 products to your cart.

Achieve a Psychoactive High

If you’ve ever taken CBD on its own, then you know that people don’t use it to get high. This cannabinoid does not contain psychoactive properties, and it won’t change your perception of the world around you.

Rather, CBD’s properties are more closely related to its therapeutic, pain-relieving qualities. While researchers are still discovering all of its potential applications, it’s known to promote relaxation and may also help offset some of the side effects of physical and mental disorders.

However, it does so without the use of any mind-altering effects. For this reason, many users prefer to use CBD in the form of tinctures, balms, lotions, and gummies to help them wind down at night. Its sensations are gentle but effective.

If you’ve grown used to taking CBD, you might be ready to elevate your experience. More specifically, you may be ready to enter into more of a psychoactive territory.

CBD and THC: Combining Enhances Both

Going straight from CBD to Delta-9 THC can be a bit of a shock, especially if you’ve never used THC in the past. You might not know exactly how to measure your dosage, making it easier to take too much. Even a small amount of Delta-9 can trigger uncomfortable feelings of unease in brand-new users.

This is why it makes much more sense to combine it with Delta-8 instead! When taken together, Delta-8 can enhance the effects of CBD on your mind and body. To understand why this is the case, let’s dive into the research.

In one study, some individuals experiencing pain were given a pure THC extract for potential relief. Others were given a combination of THC and CBD, while others simply took placebos. Researchers found that those taking the THC-CBD combination reported the most significant change in their pain levels.

While this study was conducted using Delta-9 THC, the similarities between Delta-8 and Delta-9 allow us to understand that Delta-8 would work in a similar manner. If you’re looking for an amplified version of your usual CBD experience, adding Delta-8 can help you get there.

Enjoy the Entourage Effect

In 1998, an individual by the name of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam first used the phrase “entourage effect“. In short, this means that all of the different compounds found in the cannabis plant have their own unique way of delivering therapeutic value to your mind and body. When you take more than one in combination, the different properties of each cannabinoid feed off one another, enhancing their effects.

In addition, Dr. Mechoulam also discovered that both cannabis and hemp plants contain essential fatty acids. These acids help certain cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, bind more closely to the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Each strain contains its own fatty acid compounds, and they all work to attach the compounds to our bodies as closely and securely as possible.

Thus, when you take multiple cannabinoids at the same time, you’re strengthening those bonds. As a result, you’ll feel their effects that much more strongly.

Avoid Negative Side Effects

As mentioned, Delta-8 THC is far less likely to lead to negative side effects when compared to Delta-9. At only one-fourth the potency, you’ll feel relaxed but not out of your mind. On the other hand, if you take too much Delta-9 too quickly, you’ll feel the symptoms in your mind and body.

With Delta-8, this risk is greatly mitigated. When you take it, you can safely avoid those upsetting feelings of nausea, anxiety, and paranoia that you might associate with conventional cannabis. The same applies to physical symptoms like a racing heartbeat or sweaty palms.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of being high without worrying about what it might turn into, Delta-8 can be an effective addition to your CBD routine.

delta 8 and cbd

How to Use Delta-8 and CBD Together Safely

Are you thinking about using a CBD product in conjunction with Delta-8 THC? If so, it’s important to take your time and approach this combination in the right way. Let’s take a look at a few steps to take before you get started.

Understand the Strength

First, make sure to carefully read the amount of CBD and Delta-8 that each product contains. Taking too much of either one can turn a pleasant experience into a not-so-great one.

For instance, if you take too much CBD, you might not get high but you can experience extreme drowsiness. If you take too much Delta-8, you’ll feel too high, too soon. Both situations aren’t ideal!

Carefully check the label of each product before you buy it, and especially before you use it. You should clearly be able to see the milligram strength of each item.

The good news? While a too-intense high can leave you feeling out of sorts, both cannabinoids are so mild that taking too much of either won’t put you in the overdose zone. However, it’s still smart to check the facts, listen to your body, and know your limits.

Time Your Experience Right

When using any form of cannabis, it’s essential to fine-tune your timing.

If you’re taking two products that are similar in chemical makeup (like Delta-8 and CBD), then you will probably feel their isolated effects at around the same time. For example, if you take a gummy from our Delta-8 Gummies Party Pack and take it alongside a CBD gummy, you’ll likely feel the relaxation from the CBD right as the mild high from Delta-8 starts to kick in.

Of course, when it comes to timing, it’s important to consider your mode of cannabis consumption. Gummies take longer to take hold because they have to pass through your digestive tract before entering your bloodstream. If you smoke or vape cannabis or use an oil-based tincture under your tongue, you’ll skip that step and feel the effects in your system much sooner.

While these general timelines are true, they are not the same for everyone. If you’re relatively new to cannabis, you might feel relaxed and buzzed from your CBD-Delta-8 combination much faster than someone who has built up a tolerance. Be patient and take your time when combining these products.

If you don’t feel different right away, resist the urge to automatically increase your dosage. Give your body time to respond and react to the new substances you’re putting into it. It may take you a few weeks or even a few months to find the ideal amount that you need to take to experience the effects you’re looking for.

Ensure Product Quality

Any time you purchase cannabis products, make absolutely sure that the supplier is well-reviewed and legitimate. Unfortunately, the widely unregulated nature of the internet makes it all too easy for unscrupulous companies to weasel their way onto the web.

The products you buy should be pure and high-quality, tested by a third-party lab to confirm their efficacy and performance. Ours are, and you can find all of our lab reports online.

If you can’t find this information on the website or dispensary you’re browsing, take the time to ask! Once you find a cannabis brand you can trust, you can always go directly to the source when it’s time to restock your favorite products. If you ever have any questions about the Delta-8 or Delta-9 products we sell at Lit Vapes, you are always welcome to contact our team.

Add Other Products Strategically

Once you know how to safely combine Delta-8 and CBD, you might be ready to add other products into the mix, such as alcohol or other cannabinoids.

Before you go this route, research how your preferred hemp products will interact with one another, as well as any other additions you bring into your routine. Some may have synergizing effects, meaning they’ll amplify the sensations of each. For instance, this is the case with caffeine.

If you drink coffee in the morning and take your CBD-Delta-8 combo soon thereafter, the energizing effects of caffeine might be more intense! Likewise, combining alcohol and THC can amplify the sedative properties of each substance. While some people enjoy these heightened experiences, others don’t so take note of how your body reacts.

Are You Ready to Combine Delta 8 and CBD?

When you take Delta 8 and CBD together, you can take advantage of the entourage effect. This combination merges the best qualities of each substance, allowing you to get high while still feeling in control of your mind and body.

Researchers are still learning how these compounds interact with our bodies, and there aren’t any promises that we can make just yet. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that they work in synergy with one another, delivering an enjoyable, gentle experience.

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