Delta 8

Breaking Down the Different Delta 8 Strains

delta 8 strains

Did you know that the cannabis industry was worth more than $13 billion in 2022? It has grown since then and is expected to keep growing in the future. This is likely because many more people have discovered the wonderful world of delta-8 strains.

Delta-8 is a unique type of THC. It is milder than delta-9 THC, which is one of the most common cannabinoids. It also comes in many different strains.

But which of these strains is right for you? How are they different from each other? Keep reading and learn more about the types of delta-8 strains below.

Sativa, Indica, and Hydrid Delta-8 Strains

Many people don’t realize how different the types of delta-8 strains can be. Many people also don’t realize that there are a few different classes of THC strains. The three main types are indica, sativa, and hybrid.

While all of these strains come from cannabis plants, they are all very unique. The sativa strain comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant grows in hot and dry climates, often in the Middle East and some parts of Asia.

This plant is easily recognizable by its tall stalks and long, thin leaves. They often hit 12 feet or taller. This type of strain doesn’t have much CBD, but it is packed with THC.

Sativa is unique because it doesn’t create the effects that you might expect from cannabis. Instead of gluing a person to a couch with intense relaxation, this strain will instead energize you. This is known as a mind high.

People who take sativa delta-8 THC may feel more creative and thoughtful. You may feel like starting a painting, writing a book, or going for a hike. This strain can also minimize the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Most people prefer to use this strain during the day since it is so energizing. Indica strains are very different. This strain comes from the Cannabis indica plant.

The Indica Plant

The indica plant is noticeably different from the sativa plant because it is much stockier. It is a short bush with broad leaves. This plant also grows very fast and produces a larger quantity of cannabis buds compared to the sativa plant.

These strains of delta-8 have about the same amount of THC as sativa strains. But the CBD content is increased. This ratio is what causes indica strains to have more distinct effects compared to sativa strains.

Indica strains produce effects that you would expect from consuming cannabis. It produces feelings of relaxation and lethargy. Very strong strains may help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Some people find that this strain makes them hungry. Others feel that indica strains are great for relaxing after a long and stressful day. It may also reduce nausea and pain, but more research is necessary to see how true this is.

Most people prefer to use this strain at night or in the evening since it makes most people tired.

Hybrid strains are unique because they are not natural. They are instead grown on farms.

They are hybrids between different sativa and indica strains.

Hybrid Plants

Farmers choose very specific strains to breed. They do this to create a plant that produces unique effects.

Some hybrid strains are bred to be very relaxing and heavy. Others are bred to be energetic and uplifting. Others may be a mix of the two.

The goal of most farmers is to create plants with very high THC levels. The more THC there is, the stronger the high will be. If the hybrid strain is sativa dominant, it will have more energetic effects.

If it is indica dominant, it will be more relaxing. Understanding these different strains is important for choosing the right one for your needs. This ensures that you will have the best experience with delta-8.

delta 8 strains

How to Choose the Right Delta-8 Strain

Now that you know about the basic strain classifications, you’ll have to choose one. But which one is right for you? Think about what you want to achieve when using delta-8.

Do you want something to help you calm down after a long day? Do you want something that will help you fall asleep and keep you from tossing and turning? You would most likely enjoy an indica strain.

Do you want something to give you more energy or make you feel more creative? A sativa strain may be more your style. If you want to experiment with different effects, consider hybrid strains.

Every hybrid strain is unique based on how it was bred. You should also think about when you want to use the strain. Do you want to use it throughout the day or early in the morning?

Indica strains wouldn’t work because they would make you too tired and relaxed to get through the day. Sativa strains would be better, as they would give you a boost of energy. Indica strains are almost always reserved for the evening and nighttime.

They are great for helping you sleep. They are also ideal if you’ve been feeling stressed and want something to take the edge off.

How Delta-8 Works

Delta-8 THC is unique because it won’t give you as intense of a high as delta-9.

You might wonder what the point of this is. Some people don’t like feeling like they’re not in control of themselves while they’re high on delta-9. They may feel that the effects are too intense and uncomfortable.

Others may have side effects if they are sensitive to delta-9. These side effects are not dangerous, but they can be unpleasant. They include nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and dizziness.

You are less likely to have these problems when you try delta-8 strains. This is because they are much smoother and milder. They still produce the same effects as delta-9, but at a milder level.

This keeps you aware of your surroundings, and you won’t feel as intoxicated. You will also be less likely to experience any side effects with delta-8. This is a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to the world of cannabis.

It is also great for those who don’t like how delta-9 feels. Once you choose a strain that matches what you want, you’ll have a much better time.

Choosing the Right Product

The next step is choosing the right delta-8 product. There are many to choose from, such as vapes, gummies, and cannabis buds. There are also tinctures, oils, topicals, and more.

All of these products will get you high, but in different ways. Consider delta-8 vapes. These are very popular products because they work fast.

Vapes are great alternatives to smoking because they don’t produce a skunky smell. They also are less messy and very portable. When you suck on the mouthpiece of a vape pen, the delta-8 juice cartridge inside will heat up.

This transforms the delta-8 juice into a vapor. Inhaling this vapor brings it into your lungs, where it then diffuses into your blood. The delta-8 will travel through your blood and to your brain where it will enact its effects.

All this happens within a few seconds. This ensures that you get high almost instantly. This is a great way to try delta-8 if you don’t have much patience.

The main downside of vaping is that the high will not last very long. It may last around 20 to 30 minutes before it starts to fade. You will then need to take another puff to renew the effects.

Vapes also come in many different flavors. Some popular flavors include vanilla, mango, blueberry, pineapple, and so on. These flavors ensure that you will never get bored when vaping delta-8.

These vapes also use a variety of strains. This ensures that you can get the effect that you want. Delta-8 gummies are also very beneficial.

Delta-8 Gummies

They come in many different flavors, much like vape pens. Gummies are also very sweet and sugary since they are modeled after gummy candy. This makes them very enjoyable to eat.

The great thing about gummies is that it is easy to keep track of the dosage. Each gummy will have an exact measurement, such as 25 mg of delta-8. If you have not tried delta-8 before, it is best to start small.

You may have to cut a gummy in half and see if that’s all you need. You can then work up to your desired dose. Gummies take longer to work than vape pens.

This is because your stomach needs to break down the gummies first. This takes around 30 minutes for most people. But some people may need an hour or more before they start to feel the effects.

This is more likely in those who have slow metabolisms. Do not take another gummy if you think the first one didn’t work. It may be that the gummy is taking longer to digest for you.

Taking too many gummies at once or one after the other increases your risk of experiencing side effects. The benefit of gummies is that the high will last longer. This is because your stomach slowly digests the gummies and releases the delta-8 over several hours.

delta 8 strains

Other Delta-8 Products

You can also experiment with delta-8 oils and tinctures. You can sprinkle these liquids over salads, soups, and so on. You can also add them to your favorite drinks.

You can swallow them or put them under your tongue as well. You can try topical delta-8, but this will not produce a whole-body high. It will instead affect the part of your body where you apply the topical product.

Choosing the right type of product will make your delta-8 experience much more pleasant. Some products are also more flexible and portable than others, such as vapes and gummies.

The Different Strains by Name

Sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis are classifications rather than specific strains. Countless strains fall under each classification. It is important to become familiar with some of these names if you are interested in trying a specific delta-8 class.

Consider the sativa options. Popular options in this class include Acapulco Gold and Panama Red. If you are looking for sativa vapes, you may see names like Berry Slush Delta-8 THC or Boo Berry Delta-8 THC.

A few other sativa options include the following:

  • Sour Diesel
  • Jack Herer
  • Green Crack
  • Durban Poison

All of these will provide energetic and creative effects. They are great for use during the day or if you want a boost of creativity.

Other Strains

Under the indica class, there are popular strains such as Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush. These produce heavy and relaxing effects. While the effects aren’t as intense as delta-9, they will still make you tired.

They may also increase your appetite. For vapes, you may see names such as Cereal Killer Delta-8 THC or Grape Soda Delta-8 THC. Some other popular options include the following:

  • Northern Lights
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • ICE

Popular hybrid strains include Blue Dream and Pineapple Express. The effects of hybrid options will depend on whether the strain is sativa or indica dominant. Experimenting with these different options will give you a better idea of what to expect from delta-8 strains.

All About Delta-8 Strains

There are many delta-8 strains and products that you can try. Sativa strains are best if you’re looking for energetic and creative effects. Indica strains are best for relaxing effects and appetite stimulation.

Hybrid strains can differ depending on how they’re bred. All of these options can be very enjoyable once you know what to expect. To learn more about delta-8 products, check out what we have available.