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A Profile of the Blue Dream Strain

blue dream strain

In 2023, experts and analysts predict that the hemp-derived THC market will hit $3.2 billion. This growth is driven in large part by new and emerging cannabis strains that continue to appeal to a variety of marijuana users.

One of those is the ever-popular Blue Dream Strain. Also known as Azure Haze, this product beautifully blends all of the best features from two other popular strains: Blueberry and Haze.

How do you grow it? What does it look like? Most importantly, what does it feel like?

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Blue Dream marijuana strain and sharing all of the details you need to know.

Where Did the Blue Dream Strain Originate?

There are a few different reasons why Blue Dream has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting — and intriguing — weed strains around.

First, it’s known to deliver a pretty potent cerebral high, which we’ll delve into in a moment. It also has a gloriously palatable, sweet flavor that makes it a thrill to consume. However, the real reason why we’re all talking about it is that it also contains an air of mystery.

While some reports claim that the strain was first dreamed up back in the early 2000s in Santa Cruz, CA, there aren’t many reports that support this claim, and some even refute it. Thus, the exact origin of Blue Dream remains unknown, which adds to its elusive appeal.

While the exact breeder and location aren’t clear, most experts agree that the strain did originate somewhere in California. From there, it spread quickly throughout the United States and Canada. Heralded for its therapeutic effects, it’s especially popular in the medical marijuana community, though it’s relatively easy to find at any dispensary.

This strain has a great balance of both Indica and Sativa effects, but the dominant strain is Sativa (60:40 ratio, if we’re getting technical). Yet, the number you’re more likely wondering about is its THC content! You’ll be glad to know this particular strain packs a powerful punch, coming in at around 15% to 27% THC.

blue dream strain

Genetic Details to Know

Any time a new marijuana strain hits the market, users naturally want to know what’s in it. What went into creating the Blue Dream weed strain and what specific properties give it its unique effects?

As mentioned, Blue Dream is derived from two other popular strains: Blueberry and Haze. If you’ve been in the weed world for a while, you may already know that both of these strains are well-known for being especially potent.

How to Grow the Blue Dream Strain

Whether you’ve grown weed at home in the past or this is your first time trying it, we recommend sticking to the basic growing methods if you want to cultivate your own Blue Dream strain.

First, make sure you have the right type of soil. When the plant reaches its vegetative state, it will need lots of nitrogen, which may require a supplement. Most soils lack sufficient nitrogen to support successful growing without this additive.

As the plant transforms into its flowering stage, its nitrogen needs will slowly diminish. Still, you don’t want to deprive it at the very beginning. If you’re not sure whether your soil needs nitrogen or not, here are a few key signs to watch out for.

Another nutrient that your Blue Dream plant will need in abundance is magnesium. This essential secondary nutrient is especially important during the plant’s breeding stages. As the central core of the chlorophyll molecule in the plant’s tissue, insufficient levels of magnesium can lead to poor, stunted plant growth.

Once you have your nutrient balance just right, don’t forget to water your Blue Dream plants regularly. This is a strain that loves to drink, so you’ll need to keep it frequently topped off so it doesn’t get thirsty.

Bud Details

What should you expect once your Blue Dream plant starts to flower? This is one very beautiful bud, and it will add color and energy to any space! This strain shows off with lots of green buds, accented by frost-colored trichomes and yellow/orange pistils.

The water leaves can vary in color, depending on the exact growing conditions of your plant. Some users report that their leaves are orange, while others say they’re dark green. Without enough water, they can even turn brown, so keep your watering supplies handy!

Harvesting the Blue Dream Strain

As you grow your Blue Dream weed, you’ll naturally be checking on the plants constantly. How will you know when they’re ready to harvest?

If your plants are growing outdoors, you can expect the magic to happen around mid-October. As long as your growing conditions were correct, each plant should produce a nice yield — around 21 ounces of buds in all!

You can expect the same yield from Blue Dream plants that are grown indoors. The only difference is that the yields for these plants are measured in square meters per plant.

If your crop doesn’t do as well as you expected in the first year or two, don’t worry! As you perfect your process as a breeder and gain more experience, each crop is bound to get stronger and heartier.

Risk of Infection

A large part of maximizing the yield on your Blue Dream strain is keeping the plants healthy and free of pests and other intruders. The issues that are most likely to occur are powdery mildew or spider mites. One of the most widespread plant diseases, powdery mildew is characterized by spots or patches of white/gray growth on the plant leaves.

The spots will have the look and texture of talcum powder. As they grow and spread, they will cause the leaves to turn yellow, with small sections of green. The leaves may also appear distorted, and fall prematurely.

If the buds become infected, they may fail to open altogether.

Spider mites, on the other hand, are classified as a type of arachnid and are not considered true insects. These pests can be pale or reddish-brown in color, and they mostly feed on the underside of leaves. As the mites feed on the leaves, they can cause them to discolor and fall off.

To keep your Blue Dream plants safe from both of these problems, remember to inspect the crop regularly! If you do notice any plants that are starting to look unhealthy, isolate them from the rest and treat them individually.

Sensory Details: Blue Dream Flavor and Aroma

One of the most exciting parts about trying a new weed strain is the opportunity to experience different aromas, flavors, and experiences.

If you’ve ever tried Blueberry or Haze strains, then you may already know what to expect from Blue Dream: intense and delicious sweetness! Yet, this isn’t one of those strains that tastes like pure, spun sugar.

In addition to the initial notes of fruity blueberry that hit you almost immediately, you’ll also enjoy some more nuanced, earthier tones. This strain is known to deliver robust herbal aromas, especially in its base notes.

Once you perform an online search for “dispensary near me” and bring your Blue Strain weed home, you may notice that the room takes on a glorious, blueberry aroma. Yet, don’t let that fool you.

Once you start smoking or vaping the weed, pay close attention to the other flavors that grace your tongue. Yes, there’s a prominent fruit foretaste, but you’ll also detect hints of spice and pine as the smoke travels across your taste buds. Eventually, these will give way to sweet, warm traces of vanilla, as well as sweet mango.

blue dream strain

What to Expect From a Blue Dream High

Once you bring your Blue Dream cannabis strain home, you naturally want to know what it will feel like! Will this cannabis product get you high? If so, what will it be like and how will it compare to some of your other favorites, such as Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC?

The short answer is yes, Blue Dream will absolutely get you high.

As with its parent strains, you can expect it to deliver a flavorful, enjoyable experience all around. The high will be both cerebral and bodily in nature, usually affecting your brain and cognition first. While other forms of THC might leave you feeling mentally spaced out or even paranoid, you don’t have to worry about those effects with Blue Dream.

Rather, most users report that this strain improves their cognitive function, especially at first. For instance, you may notice that you have more energy, and it’s easier to concentrate and focus. You might also feel more motivated and ready to tackle all of those activities on your to-do list!

If you know you have projects to work on or any tasks that you’ve simply been putting off for a while, Blue Dream might just give you the kick you need to get them done.

However, only take a small dose of this strain if those are the only effects you want to feel. As the high intensifies, those initial feelings of clarity and focus tend to give way to sheer relaxation and calmness. Instead of feeling energized and encouraged, you may find that you feel hazy, and lying down is the only activity you want to engage in.

At its peak, Blue Dream can give you an all-over-numbing sensation, which may help some individuals who suffer from chronic pain or any other type of physical discomfort. You’ll find that the feeling extends to your mind, helping to alleviate feelings of nervousness or anxiety and delivering a soothing, calming peace of mind.

Does Blue Dream Have Any Other Benefits?

Besides the euphoric-to-relaxed high that it delivers, does this strain deliver any other benefits or effects? Before you buy Blue Dream, research all of its applications!

This particular strain is favored among medical cannabis users, as well as recreational ones alike. Its effects are whole-body in nature, making an impact on your mind and body alike.

Physically, the numbness it catalyzes could help soothe the symptoms associated with inflammation, as well as headaches and other types of pain. Mentally, the calm, safe emotions it triggers could help ease racing thoughts or feelings of gloom. Note that if you already suffer from a type of anxiety disorder, the quick onset of Blue Dream could intensify those feelings, so we suggest picking a different strain when you’re ready to partake.

While these are promising results, it’s important to realize that the reports we have right now are anecdotal. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that Blue Dream can help with any type of condition, including those both physical and mental in nature.

Side Effects of Blue Dream

As with any cannabis strain, Blue Dream has its pros and cons. The pros listed above include the ability to motivate you, as well as sharpen your focus and creativity.

However, there can be a downside to this strain, especially if you take too much. The most common side effects of Blue Dream include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Feelings of paranoia or anxiety

Drink lots of water when taking this strain to lower your risk of these symptoms. We also recommend starting with a very small dose and only adding more once you know how your body will react.

Will You Try the Blue Dream Strain?

As manufacturers discover more ways to grow marijuana, we expect even more weed strains to hit the market. If the Blue Dream strain is any indication, we’re heading in the right direction!

This strain is mild but can be intense when taken in sufficient quantities. Its uplifting effects are ideal when you need a little motivation, while its relaxing qualities also make it ideal for a day chilling at home.

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